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Episode One: Passion Project Showcase: Dr. Allison Palumbo Discusses Book: Love and the Fighting Female: A Critical Study of Onscreen Depictions | Winter 2021


Dr. Alison Palumbo



Dr. Allison P. Palumbo is a tenured English faculty member at Big Bend Community
College in Moses Lake, WA. They have a.D. in English from the
University of Kentucky and a long list of literary loves. Dr. P’s research
and teaching emphasize gender issues in American literature and
popular culture. 
In addition to their work on the sexual politics of
romance as portrayed onscreen,they have published
 articles on Henry
Tropics trilogy. Beyond their passion or guessing entire movie
plotlines in the first five minutes, they love to read heavy books on hot beaches, indulge in
good food, and take road trips.


Episode Two: Passion Project Showcase: Dr. Jim Hamm, Physics Instructor Discuss Constellations and Stars | Spring 2021





Dr. Jim Hamm has been teaching at Big Bend since 1993. In that time he has primarily taught physics, astronomy, and science courses, although he has at one time or another taught almost every mathematics course from pre-algebra through differential equations. The only math courses he has missed are statistics, first-quarter calculus, and linear algebra. Before Jim came to Big Bend he taught for a couple of years part-time at Edmonds Community
College and North Seattle Community. To make ends meet during those years he also drove for Shuttle Express, an airport shuttle service. Prior to that he taught at Eastern Oregon State College for two years, and before that he was in graduate school at the University of Minnesota, graduating with a Ph.D. in Physics.

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