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Gale SDL Overlap Analysis

Gale SDL Overlap Analysis

You can use the 2 files below to perform an overlap analysis between the new Gale Statewide Database Licensing (SDL) offering, and your current electronic resource collection.

You can find overlap analysis in Alma at:

Resources > Advanced Tools > Overlap and Collection Analysis

Within that workflow:

  1. Select 'Submit New Report'
  2. Choose 'Selected Titles', then 'Next.'
  3. Select one of the Gale files downloaded from the links below, and select 'Do not include titles from the Community'.
  4. Select 'Next', then 'Submit'.

The report will take a few minutes to run. The results will include 3 output files, as follows:

Selected Titles - Title Overlap Report Includes titles in the Gale list for which you have 2 or more matching titles. (multiple matches)
Selected Titles - Not in Db report Includes a count of titles from the Gale list not found in your Alma institutional zone (no matches).
Selected Titles - Unique Titles report Includes titles in the Gale list for which you have only one matching copy. (a single match)
Note: You will need to run a separate analysis, one each for journals and ebooks.


The following short video below from ExLibris provides a quick walk-through of the process.