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Gale WSL Contract Content

As per Gale Resources for Washington, the following Gale Resources are included in the Gale WSL Contract, listed alongside their respective Alma CZ Collection:

*Important note on Academic OneFile: Gale Academic OneFile is currently undergoing reconstruction in the Alma CZ (as of July 7, 2021), so if you do not already have it activated for your institution, do *not* activate it until that reconstruction is concluded. I will post to the lists once that collection becomes available again. If you already have Gale Academic OneFile activated, then do nothing. Your collection will automatically re-appear once the reconstruction on Gale Academic OneFile is done.

**Important note on Gale eBooks: The Gale eBooks package in the WSL contract is limited to a small number of titles. So, the activation in the CZ needs to be made as "we subscribe to only some of the titles in the collection." And then the individual titles in the WSL contract can be activated individual, or via an upload of the ISBNs.

Gale WSL Contract Alma CZ Collections
Gale Academic OneFile Gale Academic OneFile*
Gale Business Insights: Global Business Insights: Global
Gale in Context: College Gale In Context: College
Gale OneFile Computer Science Gale OneFile: Computer Science
Gale OneFile Contemporary Women's Issues Gale OneFile: Contemporary Women's Issues
 OneFileEducator's Reference Complete Gale OneFile: Educator's Reference Complete
Gale in Context: Elementary Gale in Context: Elementary
Gale Business Entrepreneurship Gale OneFile: Entrepreneurship
Gale eBooks Gale eBooks**
Gale General OneFile Gale General OneFile
Gale in Context: GLobal Issues Gale in Context: Global Issues
Gale OneFile Health and Medicine Gale in Context: Health and Medicine
Gale in Context: High School Gale In Context: High School
Gale OneFile: High School Edition Gale OneFile: High School Edition
Gale OneFile: Informe Academico Gale OneFile: Informe Academico
Gale in Context: Middle School Gale in Context: Middle School
Gale OneFile: News Gale OneFile: News
Gale Literature: LitFinder Gale Literature: LitFinder


Additional info, courtesy of Kirsti Thomas, Seattle Colleges, from Sept 14, 2021:

I recently had an email exchange with Hilary Fox at Gale and got some new information you’ll probably want to know about:
1.    The permanent support site for the WA State Gale package is 
2.    The site is a temporary site put together for the contract proposal and will be retired this month (September 2021).
3.    There are more products included in the Gale package than were listed in the “All Resources” list on the site.  
In a nutshell, Gale decided not to show any of the subject-specific Gale OneFile products in the “All Resources” list because there are so many of them. (I have *thoughts* about using the phrase “All Resources” to refer to what’s really an incomplete list of resources.)
To see all the products available to your institution as part of the statewide package, go to the permanent support site and select your institution. This will take you to a list of available products that you can download as an Excel spreadsheet.
You may also discover (like I did), that not all of the products listed as being available to your institution on the permanent support web site are listed on the invoice you received. For example, we have 38 Gale Onefile products that show up on the list of available products on the Gale support website, but only 2 Gale Onefile products were listed on the invoice we got from Gale.
This probably means you have a bunch more electronic collections to activate in Alma. If you use Alma acquisitions, you may also need to create new Technical POLs for these electronic collections. Whee.
4.    The Gale invoice has a line item called Gale eBook WA State Library Bundle 1 and a line item called Gale eBook WA State Library Bundle 2 K5. Hilary says “Bundle 1 = 62 Gale Titles – General Reference and DEI/SEL titles. Bundle 2 = 26 K-5 Titles.” I’ve attached an Excel spreadsheet Hilary sent with the titles in Bundle 1 (tab 1) and Bundle 2 (tab 2) so you can check that against any other spreadsheets that are floating around. This list of titles is *not* available on the permanent support website (that I could find).
5.    Hilary confirms that whenever you see Gale eBooks listed as an available product on either the temporary or permanent support websites, that only includes:
a.    a custom collection of reference titles selected by the Washington State Library (part of Bundle 1), 
b.    a preselected collection of DEI/SEL titles (part of Bundle 1), 
c.    a preselected collection of K-5 titles (Bundle 2). 
The statewide package doesn’t give us access to the entire Gale catalog.