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IGeLU / NERS Content Voting Cycle

The enhancement cycle for Content has now started. IGeLU and ELUNA members are invited to add new requests to NERS. New requests can be added until Friday May 7. Please note that due to the time that has passed since the last voting cycle for content (2018), we have archived the old requests that were in NERS. 

Already submitted by other customers:

  • Kanopy
  • Westlaw Campus Research
  • Global Press Archie
  • ProQuest Ebook Central (Chapter level citations)
  • Standard & Poors NetAdvantage
  • Swank Digital Campus
  • EBSCO Article and Chapter Level Metadata
  • International Clinical Educators (ICE) Video Library
  • Digital Theatre Plus
  • Statista
  • Hebrew Books
  • PSIK
  • Holocaust Responsa
  • Add open access Pressbooks to Alma Community Zone and CDI
  • LibreTexts

Suggested by Green River: Article Level Metadata for Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

Moving to libguides

The web site has been transitioned to LibGuides, as hosted on the BBCC LibGuides Instance:

URL remains:

Non-redirected LibGuides URL:   

Old WACTCLC web site: 


ctcLink Integration Document for DG5

A final draft of the Alma-ctcLink User Data Integration document is available for download on the WACTCLC web site.

Recent listserv and questions / discussions


  • RDA Toolkit Discussion
  • Exact Author Search in Primo
  • Last week’s Ebsco outage
  • Fines and Fees (libdir)

Recent ExLibris Webinar Recordings

CDI Merged Record and Linking (youtube)

  • ExL plans to add link in record and link resolver to all records by end of year
  • ExL plans to add link directly to content (like PDF) where possible

Primo VE Deduplication and FRBR (youtube)

Tammy Siebenberg, Yakima Valley College, Retiring :(

Job listing: 

Peak Librarian (Library-related human interest) 


00:08:55    Wade Guidry:
00:12:38    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Good one!
00:14:00    Wade Guidry:
00:14:00    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Correct
00:17:11    Maryanne Hirning-LCC:    I love it! Looks great, Wade!
00:22:35    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    You can do a vertical menu too, Wade
00:24:10    Jennifer Rohan:    drop-down menus are not as accessible.  Side navigation may be the way to go (though that gives you less real estate per page)
00:25:02    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    side-navigation is what I meant by vertical -- haha. Sorry!
00:25:18    Jennifer Rohan:    I don't believe Libguides would allow for both side and drop-down....
00:25:24    Nicole Longpre:    Bellevue changed all of its guides to side navigation
00:25:35    Melinda Martin:    I also prefer side nav.
00:26:51    Nicole Longpre:    We are watching CTC Link training videos. They are not great.
00:33:08    Elena Bianco:    Thanks for doing that Wade. It will be useful when we move to ctcLink in Oct.
00:33:58    CB - Aberdeen, WA:    October looms larger than end-of-FY :)
00:34:13    Laura Staley - Renton Tech:    It will. There's a lot of education that needs to be done around ctcLink, and this will really help.
00:34:50    Nicole Longpre:    I agree, this looks great!
00:41:26    Nicole Longpre:    Can you give the direct link to the Guides?
00:41:55    Wade Guidry:
00:42:02    Nicole Longpre:    Ok, thanks!
00:43:29    Sally Sheedy:    Thanks for asking Nicole. My WACTCLC bookmark went to the old site.
00:44:45    Sally Sheedy:    So if you want to see the old site, for whatever reason, it can still be accessed:
00:45:29    Nicole Longpre:    We go live right when registration happens. No great
00:46:07    Nicole Longpre:    They pushed to Nov.
00:46:23    Nicole Longpre:    Yes winter registration
00:46:32    Jennifer Rohan:    l think there are different dates for DG5?  Green River goes live Oct. 11
00:47:31    Rhonda Kitchens:    October sounds good
00:47:52    Nicole Longpre:    Bellevue is just...special
00:50:05    CB - Aberdeen, WA:    I asked about RDA toolkit, and have missed all the discussion. yikes!
01:00:16    Nicole Longpre:    What does "expensive" mean?
01:00:51    Nicole Longpre:    There are a lot of nuances
01:01:04    Sally Sheedy:    I had seen a fine associated with someone in my daughter's high school debate team. I knew for sure that she had "moved on" and wasn't kept awake nights thinking about her fine.
01:01:15    Sally Sheedy:    oh, my daughter is 28, for context
01:02:36    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    We did big purge before we went to Alma in 2017. So it will probably be time to another next year since it will somehow be 2022.
01:02:38    Jennifer Rohan:    yes, I was at that webinar and VERY happy to hear that!
01:03:12    Nicole Longpre:    Our IT folks are happy that CTC Link only goes back 6 years. They had been told to keep everything.
01:06:41    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Really happy for her though!
01:07:22    Nicole Longpre:    Have a good week everyone!
01:07:47    Sally Sheedy:    My friend sent it  - it is very interesting.
01:07:53    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    You too, Nicole. I'm going to run too. +1 to the article Wade is sharing
01:08:31    Elena Bianco:    Thanks Wade, and all! Have a good week!
01:08:39    Maryanne Hirning-LCC:    Thanks, Wade!
01:08:47    Sally Sheedy:    Her own personal collection of books were organized in a fashion of her own design
01:08:57    Jennifer Rohan:    Thank you!
01:08:59    CB - Aberdeen, WA:    Thanks, all
01:09:03    Sally Sheedy:    Thanks.