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Cara Beth
Charles Chitty
charly (edmods)
Clare Bryant (Edmonds)
Deb Derylak (she/her)
Elena Bianco (she/her) - Skagit
Isaac Devereux (Shoreline)
Janelle McGuire (Yakima) (Janelle McGuire)
Karen Waite
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
Laura Staley - Renton Tech
Lurana Culligan
Lynn (Bellingham Technical College)
Melinda Martin
Paula Laine @ Bellevue
Roe McKernan (Whatcom CC)
Sharon Cherney
Wade Guidry
Xinhang Hu


Primo VE Brief Results 

In the new Primo UI, users can now specify whether to display 10, 25, or 50 results per page.

Gale in Context: College Edition

We currently have 2 tickets open about failures in link resolver links for citations that attempt to resolve to Gale in Context: College Edition: 00980629, 00942846.

The response from ExLibris on SF 00942846 is that the issue will be addressed in October 2021:

Ex Libris Content Operations has completed an initial assessment of this issue. After taking into account a number of factors including impact, scope, technical complexity, functional prerequisites, and existing development priorities, Content Operations has set a target for resolving this issue no later than October 2021. Please note that this is a preliminary estimate only, and is subject to change due to ongoing review and assessment of development priorities. We will notify you if there are any further changes to the target date.

I recommend that the CDI content for this collection be disabled until the metadata in this collection is improved.

To do so, tic the following box on the CDI tab for the collection:

Do not show as Full Text available in CDI even if active in Alma 


Resources for media desk circulation

Continued discussion about library practices around using Alma for the circulation use-cases of other departments (media desks, tutoring centers, elearning, etc).

CPTC mentioned the following platform used by the Tacoma tool library:

And Edmonds shared a couple of documents related to their support of extra-library use-cases for Alma:


Concern about the non-return of Chromebooks and laptops was expressed, when Alma is used for circulating such devices. Some libraries utilize software to disable devices in the field when they aren't returned by patrons.

Tools include:

Chrome OS Device Management ($25 per chromebook) (Seattle)

Prey (mentioned by CPTC)


00:03:41    Nicole-Bellevue:    Yeah, summer ends soon
00:04:00    Melinda Martin:    oh, how I miss semesters!
00:04:37    Cara Beth:    all of us who grew up in Texas
00:09:56    Melinda Martin:    Did I understand you correctly that this will likely be fixed in October?
00:10:11    Elena Bianco (she/her) - Skagit:    Is "college edition" the same as the Academic OneFile?
00:11:30    Melinda Martin:    We have yet to discuss what collections we are going to activate in Primo. :)
00:11:39    Elena Bianco (she/her) - Skagit:    Ok. Thanks...
00:13:00    Nicole-Bellevue:    Yeah, lots of folks at BC want to use Alma
00:13:06    Nicole-Bellevue:    It's quite complex!!
00:13:50    Nicole-Bellevue:    Tutoring, primarily
00:13:51    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    I'd recommend requiring a formal "service agreement" for any department outside the library that wants to use the system.
00:14:04    Nicole-Bellevue:    WorkForce has also asked
00:14:07    Melinda Martin:    Really good suggestion, Kirsti!
00:14:13    Elena Bianco (she/her) - Skagit:    We just put things on Reserve for other departments who want to check things out to students and it's handled through the library.
00:14:45    Nicole-Bellevue:    We're worried folks are not as detailed as library folks are
00:14:48    Elena Bianco (she/her) - Skagit:    We've done that for PE (weights, CPR Mannequins, etc.)
00:14:49    Melinda Martin:    We have absorbed all of the other areas into the collection, but not well thought out.  We are currently trying to restructure.
00:15:49    Nicole-Bellevue:    Tutoring "checks out" textbooks. No time limit, except due at end of day. They collect ID card, or similar. (Yikes!)
00:15:50    Melinda Martin:    SFCC Has that with the Math Lab for calculators, but it has not been greatly successful.
00:16:02    Nicole-Bellevue:    Our "division" is now so many things...
00:16:20    Elena Bianco (she/her) - Skagit:    We do that for calculators, too. We haven't had any issues, really...
00:18:09    Cara Beth:    GHC has calculators to check out Library Use Only - they might be in Reserves
00:18:29    Deb Derylak (she/her):    I don't know about the pricing, but another option is myTurn.  The Tacoma Tool Library uses this service.
00:18:50    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We had a previous situation where a student service department was using Alma for quarter-long textbook checkouts. The dept. head left and the position was frozen for over a year (It's still frozen but thedept. is closed during the pandemic.  The upper level administrator wanted me to handle all the management for unreturned textbooks because they'd frozen the position-- while I was undergoing my cancer treatment. I explained that was their responsibility, not mine.
00:21:22    Deb Derylak (she/her):    That's a significant issue, Kirsti!  When it comes to managing late returns, any potential fines/fees, etc., that has to be the responsibility of the other department(s).
00:22:00    Nicole-Bellevue:    There are lots of logistics
00:22:48    Nicole-Bellevue:    Get items back, but letters come from the library
00:22:58    Cara Beth:    Just occurred to me: Are there contract issues with granting Alma access to other departments?
00:23:12    Melinda Martin:    That would be incredibly helpful!
00:23:41    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    I spent 3 hours last week configuring Alma for some faculty equipment that eLearning decided the library should circulate (without asking us first).
00:24:11    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    I'd love to see your MOU Charly!
00:24:26    Karen Waite:    Explaining the logistics and intricacies to those who don't understand how ALMA works is difficult, and the work flow "appears" easy to them, but really, it's not. 
00:24:39    Karen Waite:    SCC would love the MOU as well!
00:25:57    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We had 1 dept. that we'd been handling Chromebook lending for. They asked to take over the lending program themselves.  After 2 quarters, they decided it was really complicated and asked us to manage the borrowing program again.
00:26:14    Karen Waite:    Kirsti, story of my life
00:27:29    Karen Waite:    this past year, SCC Library has taken responsibility for almost 300 laptops and 100+
00:27:34    Karen Waite:    hotspots
00:28:04    Karen Waite:    800
00:28:07    Melinda Martin:    Each with different Checkout policies
00:28:13    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    OMG!
00:28:35    Elena Bianco (she/her) - Skagit:    We made it easy - everything checks out for one quarter, no exceptions. The departments take it or leave it...
00:29:30    Nicole-Bellevue:    Laptops are the worst!!!!!
00:31:08    Nicole-Bellevue:    MACs are harder to network in general
00:31:23    charly (edmods):    deactivation has been an effective mechanisms for recovering overdue devices, especially with registration blocks no longer an option.
00:31:45    Nicole-Bellevue:    Our laptops are returned to IT, but tracked in Alma, and they never tell me when items are returned.
00:31:45    Deb Derylak (she/her):    Our IT dept uses Prey software.  We're planning to have it installed on all of our lendable laptops this Fall (if it's not already installed), so they'll be "bricked" at the end of the quarter.
00:31:52    Elena Bianco (she/her) - Skagit:    We've lost a lot, too, but our admin is taking it as the cost of doing business - they used Covid relief funds to replace items...
00:33:02    Nicole-Bellevue:    They want to track and assess fees if needed. But student who have returned items still get a letter saying they owe a large fine and they freak out
00:33:05    Elena Bianco (she/her) - Skagit:    Our hotspots get turned off, and our IT department is investigating software to "brick" the laptops, too...
00:34:10    Cara Beth:    My circ manager here at GHC *hates* dealing with laptops & chromebooks
00:34:32    Nicole-Bellevue:    There is a general lack of planning at Bellevue
00:35:05    charly (edmods):    that is being worked on at the state level. It will likely require legislation.
00:35:36    Karen Waite:    what are the consequences for students who do not return them? Security reports? Student conduct? Do other schools have a user agreement form student s have to sign? Any legally binding agreement?
00:36:02    Nicole-Bellevue:    Karen, we don't know!
00:36:02    Deb Derylak (she/her):    maybe there's also software called "pray" that we should try...  ;-)
00:36:04    Karen Waite:    There is big talk about what is and isn't legal
00:36:20    Cara Beth:    What is the benefit for Chromebooks? They lack so many programs that students need for their classes!
00:36:36    Karen Waite:    Pray!  Hahahaha!
00:36:37    Cara Beth:    Besides being cheap
00:37:41    Wade Guidry:
00:37:46    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We have a user agreement form students sign when they pick up the equipment. We're still trying to figure out what the response should be. If we communicate the replacement cost to the cashier's office, it goes to collections and we'd honestly like to avoid that.
00:38:14    Wade Guidry:
00:38:32    Nicole-Bellevue:    We also have an agreement they sign, and there are times when that is called into play (like when they aren't taking summer classes)
00:41:24    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We've also had at least 1 case of a student registering for classes, checking out a Chromebook, and then cancelling their registration.  I'm working with one of our ctcLink gurus to figure out how to update the query used for the daily patron load so only students who've paid tuition, in addition to registering, get loaded into Alma.
00:42:20    Nicole-Bellevue:    We had one laptop checked out to a student who, the last I could tell, hadn't been a student for 2 quarters. IT said that could NEVER happen. Whatever.
00:42:36    Karen Waite:    Kirsti, does that mean you check out laptops before the first day of the quarter?
00:43:27    Janelle McGuire (Yakima):    We have quite a few laptops checked out to students who are no longer registered for classes and I am having a difficult time getting them back :(
00:43:28    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Yes, we check out equipment before the quarter starts so they're ready to go on the first day of classes.
00:43:40    Karen Waite:    We check CTC for EVERY student to make sure they are registered for classes before we check out a laptop
00:43:41    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    They're = the students
00:44:14    Nicole-Bellevue:    We catch students who register just to get server space with Google. We assume they use a stolen credit card? This doesn't usually make it all the way to the library
00:44:25    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Whoa!
00:44:35    Karen Waite:    We do a mass checkout the first two days of school and leadership sends communication to faculty letting them know when the students will have access.
00:44:46    Nicole-Bellevue:    The benefits of being married to someone in IT
00:44:59    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We were having people apply as students to get an email address to send out spams
00:45:18    Nicole-Bellevue:    Spams get locked down quickly.
00:45:40    Karen Waite:    That happens here every quarter. 
00:45:43    Nicole-Bellevue:    They leave the worst addresses- 103 University in Omak. Nope
00:46:02    Nicole-Bellevue:    103 University is Benaroya Hall in Seattle (or some number like that)
00:46:14    Karen Waite:    We cross check their contact info in CTC with what is in ALMA.
00:46:20    Nicole-Bellevue:    There's no university street in Omak
00:46:47    Nicole-Bellevue:    I just like to vent my frustrations!
00:47:36    Karen Waite:    Nicole, I am right there with you!
00:49:09    Karen Waite:    yes!
00:56:08    Nicole-Bellevue:    Our ILL person retired so we haven't done them at all
00:56:16    Karen Waite:    we did a lot of articles, but through Covid we stopped book ILLs
00:56:32    Karen Waite:    We will start all ILLs again this fall quarter