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RSS Feeds in Alma

Alma supports the publishing of RSS feeds with the following caveats:

1. RSS feeds include physical items only

2. RSS feeds are limited to including items added to the catalog within the past 180 days (configurable from 0 to 180 days for each RSS feed created)

  • The RSS feeds contain limited info (title, link to title in Primo, location, call number) for each entry, and those contents cannot be modified.

Basic instructions for setting up RSS feeds can be found on the Knowledge Center at: RSS Publishing.

A few additional notes to the documentation:

  • The search / managed set you base a feed on must be a logical set for physical items. A good basis for creatings sets for use with RSS feeds is to create a set based on location.
  • The RSS discovery URL described in the documentation will look like the following, with the parts in bold customized for your institution. You can look at the URL for your Primo VE instance for the values for your institution.
  • When creating the publishing profile for the RSS feed, spaces are NOT allowed in the feed name.,contains,@@ALMA_MMS_ID@@


NOTE: You CAN use Alma RSS feeds in LibGuides (here is an example). To do so, you must first use Feedburner to generate a new URL for the Alma RSS feed URL, as LibGuides will not accept the native Alma RSS feed URL.