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CB (she/her)
Isaac Devereux (he/him)
Lurana Culligan
Lynn (Bellingham Technical College)
Naoko Yasuda (Highline) (Naoko Yasuda)
Paula Laine @ Bellevue
Roe McKernan (Whatcom CC)
Traci Taylor (BTC)
Tria Skirko
Wade Guidry
Xinhang Hu


Patron Purge Discussion

To review your current user record counts by user group, user type and purge date, see the following analysis in the Analytics Community Zone:

/shared/Community/Reports/Consortia/WACTCLC/Users/External User Aging by Purge Date


For general documention on the Purge User Records job (Alma / Admin / User Management / Purge User Records), see Purging User Records in the Knowledge Center.

The required parameters for the purge users job includes:

  • Days after purge date
  • User record type
  • User group
  • Waive threshhold

These required parameters for this job are outlined in the Knowledge Center article, and discussed in the video for this meeting.

Other notes:

  • If you need to set or backdate the purge date in user records, you can create a managed set of users, and then update the purge date in those records via the 'Update / Notify Users' job.
  • If you want more flexibility in selecting user records for deletion than the purge user records job allows, you can create a special-purpose user group.
  • First, create a new user group in Alma, with a descriptive name like "delete-these-users". 
  • Next, create a managed set of users you wish to delete, and use the 'Update / Notify Users' job to update their user group to your special-purpose group, as well as the purge date as needed.
  • Now, you can purge these users based on their group membership in the special purpose group.


00:13:58    Nicole-Bellevue:    What was the ebook discussion? Just Gale titles?
00:14:02    Kim.Mitchell:    Patron purge please
00:31:15    Elena.Bianco:    Is there a recommended threshold for fines? What are folks who purged prior to ctcLInk using for that threshold?
00:56:46    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We had something like 600,000 patron records before we ran our first patron purge in Voyager
00:58:01    Elena.Bianco:    Doesn't not purging old records also cause issues with ctcLInk?
01:02:21    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    You just gave me my next nightmare Elena! ;)
01:04:35    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    In an ideal situation, there would be records in ctcLink tagged as Faculty Emeritus or Staff Emeritus that we could export, but I know that's really low priority for our HR and IT people
01:04:36    Lynn (Bellingham Technical College):    Thanks all and bye-bye.