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abby koehler (she/her)
Amy Herman# Olympic College
Cara Beth (she/her)
Clare Bryant (Edmonds)
Isaac Devereux (he# him) - Shoreline
Karen WaitE (Waite)
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
Laura Staley - Renton Tech
Lauren Bryant
Lily Kun (SPSCC)
Linda Garcia (LCC Library)
Lurana Culligan (Edmonds)
Lynn Robinson (Bellingham Technical College)
Melinda Martin
Nicole Longpre
Paula @ Bellevue
Rhonda BigBendCC
Ryer Banta
Traci Taylor (BTC)
Tria Skirko
Wade Guidry


No Meeting for Feb 17, 2022

No meeting for Feb 17, 2022

Upcoming Webinars


Primo Roadmap

The 2022 Primo Roadmap Highlights webinar we hosted earlier this week is available to be viewed as a YouTube video, WebEx recording, and PDF file.

This session was focused on reviewing the planned enhancements, in the Primo and Primo VE roadmaps, announced earlier this week. Here is the outline for the 37-minute session: 

•    Introduction (0:00)
•    Primo Roadmap Highlights in Knowledge Center (0:51)
•    User Experience (4:12)
•    Search and Ranking (17:30)
•    Linking to Full Text (25:30)
•    Data Quality and Rights (30:03)
•    Discovery of Local and Special Collections (32:44)
•    Ongoing Improvements (35:27)
•    Conclusion (36:00)

Import Profiles for Harvesting External Collections into Primo VE

For info about setting up an import profile to harvest metadata from Omeka, ContentDM, etc, see:

Configuring Import Profiles for Primo VE - Ex Libris Knowledge Center (

No Records Found in Primo VE Search

For tips on customizing the "no records found" search result experience in Primo VE, see the following:

Search for the section in the document labeled "Solving the "No records found" message with further assistance".

The labels discussed in that section can be found under: Alma / Discovery / Labels.

To quickly find the relevant labels, search for 'noresults' under Code.

Primo VE - Customization guide September 2018 - Ex Libris Knowledge Center (

Questions from Shoreline

What are the biggest changes in the Alma/Primo environments where ctcLink is being introduced

I kind of answered this one yesterday.

Main change in the change in the Alma user record of the Primary Identifier. This change breaks links between Alma user records and the following:

  • private managed sets
  • Alma analytics reports saved to the My Folders folder
  • Saved title lists in Primo

To retain access to any of these things, affected users should make saved sets public, move analytics reports to the Shoreline folder, and copy out or print out saved title lists from Primo

The other big change is simply switching over the nightly patron load process from PPMS to SMS, which is more behind the scenes.

Are other colleges cataloging digital repositories and records that are outside of traditional library items

A couple of projects I know about are:

I’m sure others exist.

Ideas for making the website transition and guide students/others towards Primo resources

If you’re thinking specifically about the ctcLink transition and Primo, nothing other than the loss of existing saved title lists in Primo is happening.

Interlibrary loan on other campuses (I'd like to discuss the Iowa State widget that we've implemented on our Primo)

To be honest, this is not something I’ve heard of. Is this something running on your web site, or in Primo?

To my knowledge, all of the schools use WorldShare for ILL, which has limited integration potential.

Most of the schools do like you all appear to… accept ILL requests via web form, which then find their way to an ILL technician via email.



00:06:13    Nicole Longpre:    Be use BBC Sounds
00:06:46    Wade Guidry:
00:18:59    Ryer Banta:    Hi all! Just got back into this meeting. Was pulled away by my director… Maybe you all have heard about our ransomeware attack. We’re trying to figure out how to get our students database access without our local EzProxy. Any ideas other than working with each vendor to provide temp solutions.
00:21:06    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    The Seattle Colleges eLearning manager has recommended these ctcLink reports as being very helpful for managing budget income & expenditures: BFS_KK_B2AOP (KK Budget to Actual Oper Dept) QFS_KK_BUDGET_TO_ACTUAL_OPR_BI QFS_KK_BUDGET_OVERVIEW_OPR_DTL QFS_CO_HR_ACCT_LINE_PAY_PERIOD QFS_EX_EXPENSES_DETAIL
00:21:45    Melinda Martin:    I just joined. Another meeting ran over.
00:21:53    Nicole Longpre:    @Ryer can you authenticate with SAML/via your Active Directory?
00:21:58    Lauren Bryant:    Thank you, Kirsti!
00:22:18    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Ryer can your campus provide a VPN for students, so they'd look like they're on campus when they use databases, and would be IP authenticated?
00:22:56    Ryer Banta:    @Nicole and @Amy Not sure, probably not. All of our local servers are down
00:23:18    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Some of these reports are viewable under Finance > Navbar > Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Query Report Viewer
00:24:31    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    @Ryer, point them to Google Scholar and the public library databases for now...? Not what you were asking, but at least it's something.  Sorry about the ransomware situation!
00:24:42    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Some of these reports are viewable under Finance > Navbar > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
00:24:53    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Olympic uses Omeka and pulls the records into Primo.
00:27:20    Ryer Banta:    @Nicole I know we’re still able to get into email and Office 365 via our some SAML Active Directory sort of authentication. Guess I’m not sure how I could get that connected to our databases during this situation.
00:28:44    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    @Ryer: Yikes!  If SAML authentication for O365 is working, then SAML authentication against Active Directory should work for EZProxy.  Is your EZProxy self-hosted or OCLC hosted?
00:28:58    Ryer Banta:    Regarding pulling in campus/external collections, I too have done this with LibGuides and have looking into working with other OAI sources. Definitely can be a resource on that.
00:30:02    Ryer Banta:    @Kirsti Yeah, the issue is that our EzProxy is self-hosted. So it’s totally taken off-line for now. Probably for awhile.
00:32:49    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    @Ryer: Contact your vendors. They may have suggestions and/or temporary passwords or URLs that they'll allow your patrons to use.
00:34:11    Ryer Banta:    @Kirsti Yeah, I think this may end up being the most reasonable. We can probably serve our students well with several of our big collections.
00:37:17    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    If your vendors allow, you might be able to put temporary login info into a Public Note at the Service Record level so patrons have relatively direct access via Primo.
00:37:28    Lily Kun (SPSCC):    @Ryer: When we were self-hosted, IT set us up to authenticate through SAML/Active Directory so that we didn't have to do the manual patron loads. Would your IT dept be able to set that up for you?
00:39:39    Ryer Banta:    @Lily Right now our IT is in total crisis mode responding to the campus implications. Lots of sensitive data being compromised.
00:39:58    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    George Babcock and I have pretty detailed notes about how to confirm in ctcLink whether or not a PO has been paid.  We had several problems (IIRC Olympic did too) with invoices not getting paid after migrating to ctcLink.
00:41:02    Ryer Banta:    For you all who have IRs, are you all hosting via your IT departments or commercial? Does the library pay for hosting?
00:41:03    Laura Staley - Renton Tech:    @Kirsti - Renton would like to see those notes.
00:41:18    Clare Bryant (Edmonds):    @Kirsti, Edmonds too, please!
00:41:42    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    @Laura & @Clare-- I'll post them to the list! :)
00:41:47    Clare Bryant (Edmonds):    Thanks!
00:42:15    Lily Kun (SPSCC):    @Ryer, What a nightmare! Kirsti's suggestion would probably be the best then....
00:42:49    Nicole Longpre:    @Ryer we are self hosted and we pay the bill. We work with It, but my husband works for our IT and that helps a lot
00:44:31    Cara Beth (she/her):    @Kirsti - I'll look for those PO confirmation notes in the listserve
00:45:12    Tria Skirko:    Hi Ryer -   could you do something in Canvas?  Like a temporary library page/shell that enrolls all students and then use API keys?  Is anyone doing that?  I'm noticing more and more of the databases offering those...
00:45:24    Ryer Banta:    @Lily It’s a total mess. All campus computers are down. Even personal computers may be compromised if they’ve worked with files from certain online storage locations. YIKES! But yes, this is really helpful to think through options.
00:46:22    Ryer Banta:    @Tria Thanks, that’s an interesting option too. Good thinking.
00:47:16    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    @Tria: That's genius!
00:48:42    Tria Skirko:    We are too.  Honestly, we're happy to see anyone checking out physical books any time these days :-)  I'll give them to anyone!
00:49:35    Nicole Longpre:    Is this the same as what happened in Bates?
00:50:18    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Would OCLC be willing to "host" you temporarily for a prorated amount?
00:50:58    Nicole Longpre:    We go through EZ Proxy for on and off campus
00:52:01    Nicole Longpre:    Oh Ryer, I'm so sorry
00:55:44    Nicole Longpre:    Most vendors are good
00:56:29    Nicole Longpre:    Yes our emergency access uses a specific URL
00:58:30    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    That's a great idea Lily!
01:00:18    Nicole Longpre:    I need to head out. Thanks everyone.
01:00:43    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    I'm making a note of Lily's idea to ask vendors for trial URLs for emergency access for future reference.
01:01:57    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Same, Kristi. Ryer, let us know how it all works out at our next meeting!
01:02:01    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    *Kirsti!
01:02:30    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    @Amy: 😆 Thanks!
01:02:34    Lily Kun (SPSCC):    Good luck, Ryer!
01:02:34    Lauren Bryant:    Thanks for your help with my questions, all! I am glad to be part of this community.
01:02:55    Clare Bryant (Edmonds):    Good to have you here, Lauren!
01:03:00    Ryer Banta:    Thanks everyone