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Amy Herman# Olympic College
Isaac Devereux (he# him) - Shoreline
Jennifer Rohan
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
Lauren Bryant
Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College# she/her)
Lily Kun (SPSCC)
Linda Garcia (LCC Library)
Nicole Longpre
Paula @ Bellevue
Ryer Banta Centralia College
Traci Taylor (BTC)
Wade Guidry


Primo VE Database Search Info

Configuring Database Search for Primo VE - Ex Libris Knowledge Center (

Example of Primo Database A to Z List (UNSW)


Alma March 2022 Release

Alma 2022 Release Notes - Ex Libris Knowledge Center (

Primo VE March 2022 Release

Primo VE 2022 Release Notes - Ex Libris Knowledge Center (

Comments on Disaster Recovery (related to recent ransomware attack at Centralia College)

In light of the recent Ransomware attack at Centralia College, libraries may want to review their disaster recovery plans.

Library-systems related info to backup and keep track of would include:

  • Alma internal accounts, for continued access to Alma in the event of loss of campus authentication
  • Backups of EZProxy configuration files, for use in reconstructing an EZProxy server quickly
  • Backups of any web customization packages related to Primo VE, LibGuides and so on
  • Backups of all vendor-related account info, credentials etc
  • Backups of important library departmental assets, like historic statistical files




00:06:56    Wade Guidry:
00:08:02    Nicole Longpre:    Gosh that would be great to have useful overlap analysis
00:09:30    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Given that they own SerSol I'm happy to hear that they are finally improving overlap analysis.
00:10:01    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    We have Anthrosource from Wiley
00:10:17    Nicole Longpre:    I think we have a random journal from Wiley
00:16:55    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Another update on that list is "The current DigiCert SAML Certificate will expire on June 8th, 2022. If your institution uses this certificate, Ex Libris recommends that you consult with the IT dept. in your institution, and if required, replace the certificate for Alma and/or Primo VE"  Do you think this affects any of us who use SAML to log in to Alma and Primo?
00:18:01    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    OK thanks!
00:20:41    Traci Taylor (BTC):    I have tried searching databases, and nothing comes up.
00:21:35    Nicole Longpre:    I've added links to database to Alma, in a couple of ways.
00:22:46    Wade Guidry:
00:23:07    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Some of our databases and in there and some aren't.  I see there is a "Databases" Resource Type filter
00:24:11    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    It is probably worth having "Database" results bumped higher on the results list in Primo so you don't have to already know to filter for it
00:24:38    Nicole Longpre:    Yes the LDR field never says it is a database, which is super annoying
00:24:58    Nicole Longpre:    😼
00:33:07    Ryer Banta Centralia College:    I like managing our A-Z databases in LibGuides. Pretty easy to maintain. Easily add notes. But there is definitely a value to having databases in Primo too.
00:33:40    Lauren Bryant:    The metadata is really important in that page for that structure. The database types/subjects are a great way for users to filter!
00:35:13    Ryer Banta Centralia College:    Yep, like Lauren says, big value for users to choose based on subject/type/vendor with those drop-downs
00:37:34    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Oh I like the idea of collapsing the search box on Advanced Search results.  It's annoying how large it is!
00:43:13    Nicole Longpre:    We were told to figure out how we would react to this sort of thing.
00:43:37    Nicole Longpre:    Can you run EZ Proxy on a virtual box or something?
00:43:56    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Ryer what are you doing for database access?  Did the vendors set something up for you?
00:44:11    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Did libguides create a non-custom URL for you?
00:47:28    Lauren Bryant:    We add the assets and they put them on this page for us :)
00:49:33    Nicole Longpre:    Yes that search box does poorly in usability tests
00:49:45    Lauren Bryant:    I feel that any search box on a library page is going to have that risk. We used to have the college's search box in our header and removed it.
00:50:47    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    You can now re-label the "Login to LibApps" login at bottom right of libguides pages to something like, "Librarian login"
00:51:09    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    We have lots of students trying to "log in to the library" with that link ha ha
00:53:15    Nicole Longpre:    I don't want to lose control with hosted EZ Proxy
00:55:21    Nicole Longpre:    Everything is AWS
00:56:12    Lynn:    Bye all. Will get ready to man the circulation desk. Lynn
00:56:40    Ryer Banta Centralia College:    Thanks all!
00:56:41    Lauren Bryant:    Bye!