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Amy Herman# Olympic College
Cara Beth (she/her)
George Babcock (Seattle Central)
Isaac Devereux (he# him) - Shoreline
Jennifer Rohan
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
Laura Staley - Renton Tech
Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College# she/her)
Lily Kun (SPSCC)
Linda Garcia (Lower Columbia College)
Lynn Robinson (Bellingham Technical College)
Melinda Martin
Naoko Yasuda
Nicole Longpré (Bellevue College) (Nicole (Bellevue College))
Paula Laine (Bellevue College) (Paula Laine)
Ryer Banta
Tria Skirko
Wade Guidry


More discussion about OCLC Reclamation Projects




00:07:24    Naoko Yasuda:    Highline is.
00:12:31    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Was just about to ask that, Kirsti! Should we do all or just physical?
00:13:01    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    That's my question too.  We purchase lots of EBSCO eBooks. The CZ records are often crap.
00:14:44    Cara Beth (she/her):    How do you process physical titles that include electronic access? e.g. Salem Press
00:15:21    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We use OCLC WorldCat bibs for ebooks that we buy from EBSCO aand Proquest
00:18:27    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Cara Beth: We have separate bibs for the print book and the ebook.
00:18:32    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    @CB- we do separate bibs for electronic and physical books from Salem
00:21:53    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Olympic is interested but we are trying to more fully understand the scope.
00:23:53    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Cara Beth, do you have the recording from that webinar? That's what we've been trying to track down to better understand the scope, vs reclamation project.
00:26:00    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    That's ok, we had a staff member who attended so if they send it out we'll get it that way.
00:37:39    Lynn Robinson (Bellingham Technical College):    Regarding overlap analysis of electronic titles . . . What would one do with this information? The only thing I can think of is to NOT make print purchases if electronic titles are already owned.
00:38:35    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    I think also to decide if we'll subscribe to new collections of databases?
00:40:13    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    @Lynn: Like you note, overlap analysis is really helpful for purchasing decisions.  You can use it to decide if a new database gives you enough unique titles to be worth the cost. You can also use it to figure out whether cutting a database would cut access to unique content that's essential for specific programs.
00:41:21    Lynn Robinson (Bellingham Technical College):    Thank you!!
00:54:32    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    A lot of our "collections" that show up there are leftover from the old "EBSCO alternative coverage" situation, but I haven't cleaned them up. I would really only be doing a comparison to our actual subscribed collections.
00:57:53    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We've used Microsoft Access for overlap analysis before.  After you've done it once, it's pretty easy.  You import 2 Excel files, and then you can use a canned report in MS Access to tell you whats in FIle 1 that's not in File 2 and vice versa.  But I do agree with Amy about how anooying it is that Serials Solutions had an easy-to-use overlap tool already and Ex Libris doesn't seem to have kept that tool around for customers.
00:58:01    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    "annoying"
01:01:25    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Kirsti does your Access method also account for full and partial overlap due to full text coverage dates?  Serials Solutions would compare not only ISSNs but also the actual coverage dates.
01:01:57    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    It doesn't. We've only used it for really simple comparisons.
01:02:48    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Isn't "Cereal Chemistry" what Clark Griswold does? LOL
01:03:56    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    I just need to finally make my peace with losing Serials Solutions ha ha
01:05:03    Cara Beth (she/her):    Good try, Wade!
01:05:36    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Middle Aged Woman doesn't like it when things that work go away! (Talking about myself.) ;)
01:05:55    Lynn Robinson (Bellingham Technical College):    Thank you all and until next week . . .