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Jan 11, 2022

abby koehler (she/her)
Amy Herman# Olympic College
CB (she/her)
Clare Bryant
Dan Moore
Isaac Devereux (he# him) - Shoreline
Jennifer Rohan
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
Laura Staley - Renton Tech
Lesley Caldwell (Librarian# she/her)
Lily Kun (SPSCC)
Linda Garcia
Melinda Martin
Naoko Yasuda
Paula Laine
Ryer(he/him) Banta-Centralia (Ryer Banta)
Traci Taylor (BTC)
Wade Guidry
Will Parnell


Jan 18, 2022


Amy Herman# Olympic College
Cara Beth (she/her)
Isaac Devereux (he# him) - Shoreline
Jennifer Rohan
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College# she/her)
Lily Kun (SPSCC)
Linda Garcia
Linda Garcia (Lower Columbia College)
Lynn Robinson (Bellingham Technical College) (Lynn (Bellingham Technical College))
Melinda Martin
Naoko Yasuda (Highline) (Naoko Yasuda)
Nicole Longpre
Paula Laine
Ryer Banta
Wade Guidry
Xinhang Hu


Fraudulent Student Registrations

Seattle Colleges has reported the presence of fraudulent student registrations, for the purposes of obtaining financial aid, within ctcLink. These fraudulent registrations made their way into Alma via the nightly patron load.

Libraries should be aware of this possibility, and discuss locally with the registrar's office whether such fraudulent student records exist, and whether safeguards exist to keep any fraudulent records out of other campus systems, including Alma.

Fix coming for incorrect database code on Ebsco Ebook Collection Parser

Incorrect Ebsco database code reported in an Ebsco Ebook collection parser in Alma, as noted in the following message on the Alma-L list:

Hello Petrina,
After the last CZ update on 3.1.22, we encountered a similar problem with the same 'EBSCOhost Ebook Academic Collection - World Wide’. We got this error:
We found out that one letter was modified in the Parser Parameter: The letter *t* replaced the letter *x* at the phrase: dbase=e000xww.
Once we restore to the old Parse Param before the change, we got access to the books again.
We changed the Parse Param from:
url= & shib=$$SHIBBOLETH & customer_id=$$CUSTOMER_ID & athens_id=$$ATHENS_ID & u_shib=$$U_SHIBBOLETH & sso=$$SSO & dbase=e000tww & ipauth=$$IPAUTH
url= & shib=$$SHIBBOLETH & customer_id=$$CUSTOMER_ID & athens_id=$$ATHENS_ID & u_shib=$$U_SHIBBOLETH & sso=$$SSO & dbase=e000xww & ipauth=$$IPAUTH
We reported that to Ex Libris and asked for clarifications. We are still await for an answer.
We are not using CUSTOMER_ID or OPID in our institution's setting of the collection.
Hope this fix can help you.

Purchase Request Orders to Manual Packaging

If you want to ensure that you can always manually package your POLs as you wish, rather than have then packaged automatically be Alma, you need to set the default purchase review rule to 'true'. A setting of 'true' will ensure that your POLs always go to manual packaging.

Configuring Purchasing Review Rules - Ex Libris Knowledge Center (

Analytics - SQL statement for selecting on a field based on nested boolean logic, such as "A OR (A AND B)"

If you need to do any sort of complex Boolean logic nesting in analytics, such as "A or (A and B)", then you are going to need to use a more complex SQL statement. Below is an example of such statement when attempting to match "Library A OR (Library A and Library B)", using an SQL Case statement:

CASE  WHEN "Location"."Library Name" = 'Haselwood Library - Bremerton' THEN 'Haselwood' WHEN ("Location"."Library Name" = 'Poulsbo Library' OR "Location"."Library Name" = 'Poulsbo Library') THEN 'Haselwood and Poulsbo' END

Google Scholar

For information about configuring vendor specific link resolvers with Google Scholar, you can refer to the following resources:


Google Scholar - Library Links FAQs (


Accessing scholarly content in ProQuest through Google Scholar

Configuring Google Scholar Linking (


Gale Admin - Help Files (

In addition, note that you can provide a direct link to Google Scholar that will target any link reoslvers currently configured for your institution, using the Google Scholar ID number for your institution, as shown in the following example for Big Bend Community College:

Import Profile for Kanopy Records

If you go to Resources / Manage Import Profiles, and search the ‘Community’ tab for Kanopy, you can find a few import profiles shared by other institutions for Kanopy records.

I would recommend copying the one labeled “Kanopy – Jefferson”, shared by a community college in Kentucky.

This import profile appears to be set up to import records downloaded from Kanopy, and will create inventory (electronic portfolios) based on the contents of the 856 field in the MARC record.


Jan 11


Edmonds College has reverted to online learning until March 18.  What are other colleges doing?  Thank you.

From Nicole-Bellevue to Everyone 10:08 AM

Bellevue is only through 1/28. The library opened yesterday though.

From Jennifer Rohan to Everyone 10:08 AM

Green River online for fist two weeks, then we will re-assess

From Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges) to Everyone 10:08 AM

We're still face to face at Seattle (but most instructors chose to do online for the quarter anyway). I know the Classified staff union is having a meeting this week to discuss raising concerns with Administration

From Laura Staley - Renton Tech to Everyone 10:08 AM

RTC is going to try to stay in-person. (We'll see how that works.)

From Nicole-Bellevue to Everyone 10:09 AM

Online through 1/28

From Isaac Devereux (he, him) - Shoreline to Everyone 10:09 AM

still hybrid at Shoreline so far

From Ryer(he/him) Banta-Centralia to Everyone 10:09 AM

That seems wise. Centralia is in-person for now.

From CB (she/her) to Everyone 10:10 AM

Grays Harbor exec. team is discussing moving to online, but no decision yet

From Will Parnell to Everyone 10:10 AM

Still in person at Peninsula College but that may change.

From Amy Herman, Olympic College to Everyone 10:12 AM

Olympic is completely open but have so few in person classes scheduled this quarter that I'm not sure they'll bother to revert to all online.

Our admin told us faculty MUST be on campus full time in Spring even if teaching only online, so I wonder if they'll dial that back now.

From Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges) to Everyone 10:12 AM

My kid is at UW. They officially were online for the 1st week. Then the Chemistry Dept. announced all lectures would be online through Jan. 22 with labs in person.  Then a few days later his English prof announced the class would be online through Jan. Then Monday his Math prof announced class would be online this week & the prof will decide week to week whether they meet in person or not.  So UW is leaving it up to each individual prof/academic dept. to decide.

From Nicole-Bellevue to Everyone 10:13 AM

That's so confusing Kirsti!

From Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges) to Everyone 10:17 AM

And stressful!

FYI, current data show vaccination + booster provides good protecton from death/hospitalization against omicron. Won't necessarily protect against infection. You need good fitting N95 (or above) to protect against infection.

From Me to Everyone 10:17 AM

From Melinda Martin to Everyone 10:18 AM

That situation is insane, Kirsti! (UW/in person)

From Amy Herman, Olympic College to Everyone 10:18 AM

Kristi both my sons are at UW and they did indeed leave it up to each instructor if they want to switch the course mode.  Both sons have all four classes (each) fully online now, through end of January at least.  Both live off campus with lots of roommates and omicron is rampant, I think it's good to have given the instructors the flexibility.  The people I know who have it right now are actually really sick, for more than a week (vax'd and boostered) so online may be better than cancelling class for a week or more if instructor gets sick.

*Kirsti  ugh I always typo your name!~

From Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges) to Everyone 10:24 AM

I agree Amy.  I've told my kid the instructors are going online to protect themselves, not the students. ;)  My dept. is working remotely through January because having us out for 1-2 weeeks if we get sick (even if not hospitalized) means the libraries are up a creek with no one else able to do our work during that time.

Central is back to not allowing anyone in the library--pickup services only. I think in part because if anyone gets sick, they won't have enough staff to provide any services at all.

From Lurana to Everyone 10:26 AM

Thank you.  We are being told that we are one of the few colleges that are being closed which I am grateful for, but then they throw in mix, we want to be safe and be flexible at the same time.  Its a one sided flexibility, some of lower level staff are being asked to come in.  Isn't that always the way.

I'm sure this pandemic has taken a toll on all of us.  I appreciate this weekly call and the connection with all of you.

From abby koehler (she/her) to Everyone 10:30 AM

Hi all! I'm the new systems person at Whatcom, and I wondered about your thoughts on getting certified... Should I do the essentials training first? Any tips or tricks?

From Lesley Caldwell (Librarian, she/her) to Everyone 10:32 AM

Hi Abby! Welcome! It's been a while, but my tip would be to take lots of notes with screenshots, *especially* from the sample questions along the way in the training!

From Laura Staley - Renton Tech to Everyone 10:33 AM

Hi, Abby!  If it were me, I'd take essentials first, then Admin. Essentials really helps.

From Me to Everyone 10:38 AM

"Location"."Library Name" = 'SCC' OR ("Location"."Library Name" = 'SCC' AND "Location"."Library Name" = 'SFCC')

From Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges) to Everyone 10:38 AM

Another vote for doing Essentials first. Some of the trainings have (had? it's been a while) PDFs with the slides & transcript of the training videos. I found it helpful to print those out & take notes on them while watching the training videos. I printed to OneNote rather than paper so my notes were searchable and I couldn't lose them in all the other piles of paper on my desk.

From abby koehler (she/her) to Everyone 10:40 AM

^^that's a great idea, love the ability to search! I'll definitely start with the Essentials again (I think I've done it before, but it's definitely been awhile)

From abby koehler (she/her) to Everyone 10:53 AM

I didn't remember the libguides resource, just the other one (that was in Korean) -- thanks for the reminder Wade!

From Melinda Martin to Everyone 10:57 AM

Thank you all!  I have another meeting. Talk with you on Thursday.

From Ryer(he/him) Banta-Centralia to Everyone 10:57 AM

Gotta run. Have a good day everyone. See you all soon.

From Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges) to Everyone 10:58 AM

nursing, auto mechanics)

Jan 18

00:10:53    Nicole Longpre:    We had a North student in our library trying to print!
00:12:08    Lily Kun (SPSCC):    Our library is also still open, but limited hours 10-2.
00:12:45    Nicole Longpre:    As classes are remote until the end of the month, it's very quiet.
00:13:36    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    We have import profiles, not sure about norm rules
00:14:05    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Same as Nicole!
00:14:33    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    We haven't put our films in the catalog yet.  They are just standalone databases right now.
00:17:05    Nicole Longpre:    Sorry BRB
00:20:28    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We haven't
00:21:45    Melinda Martin:
00:24:06    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We're making plans to start doing EDI invoicing with YBP for our ebook orders. If anyone else has already set this up, do you have any tips or advice?
00:24:33    Jennifer Rohan:    Thank you for your input!
00:25:18    Nicole Longpre:    I think students think Google Scholar is everything, but in instruction we point out some challenging nuances.
00:26:48    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Wow! Thanks for sharing the info about Google Scholar Ryer!
00:28:11    Melinda Martin:    Awesome!
00:29:53    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Rhonda
00:30:22    Wade Guidry:    I have not used that approach, Jennifer. But this is a good place to remind about this way to approach it: I set up this institution code Google Scholar link in my Databases A-Z with a how to link under it and it has been popular with Faculty at least. This is what it looks like. I also share it frequently on social media and faculty emails. I have students use it in my LIB 101 course.
00:31:47    Jennifer Rohan:    Great, thank you! :)
00:32:27    Ryer Banta:    For an example, here is what our URL looks like
00:33:02    Wade Guidry:
00:33:07    Ryer Banta:    This makes it that our "FindIt@Centralia" link shows up for users as if they were on campus or logged in.
00:33:15    Jennifer Rohan:    Thanks for the link, Ryer
00:34:03    Naoko Yasuda (Highline):    Kirsti, we buy very few ebooks from YBP so I only set up EDI invoicing for print books.
00:35:06    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Naoko-- Did you run into any problems while you were setting things up?
00:37:35    Ryer Banta:    From an instructional standpoint, we talk about Google Scholar for starting topic exploration because often it is more forgiving with search terms and it suggests more narrow searches at bottom. Plus it gives us a sense of if there is something written on the topic or not. But the question of how this intersects with our licensed databases and discovery tools is certainly interesting and tough to figure out what
00:37:39    Ryer Banta:    's best.
00:38:36    Nicole Longpre:    Ryer this is interesting. I am reviewing a library Canvas module for an upcoming instruction session and I don't usually address Google Scholar
00:41:11    Cara Beth (she/her):    hooray for the indie bookstores
00:42:12    Cara Beth (she/her):    thanks, everyone!
00:42:17    Melinda Martin:    Thanks all! :)
00:42:22    Nicole Longpre:    Bye everyone
00:42:23    Jennifer Rohan:    Many thanks for all your insights into Google Scholar
00:42:25    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Thanks, y'all!