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CB (she/her)
Isaac Devereux (he/him)
Lurana Culligan
Lynn (Bellingham Technical College)
Naoko Yasuda (Highline) (Naoko Yasuda)
Paula Laine @ Bellevue
Roe McKernan (Whatcom CC)
Traci Taylor (BTC)
Tria Skirko
Wade Guidry
Xinhang Hu


Spokane is live with their own Alma instance and Primo VE

Whatcom is hiring a new systems librarian (I'm on the hiring committee)

Leslie Potter-Henderson is the new director at YVC

If you encounter issues loading external MARC records downloaded from vendors

Make sure the file type in your import profile is set to 'binary', instead of 'xml'

If that doesn't solve the problem, download a fresh copy of the MARC records and try again

If that doesn't solve the problem, open and resave file the in marcedit

Be aware of file encoding (aka character set) in both the files you are using, and as set in your import profiles (ascii vs UTF-8)
Reminder to review and update your calendar events (holidays) and daily hours in Alma

For those of you that use Acquisitions, please let me know when you've done your fiscal year rollover


Mapping of WSL Gale Collections Contract to Alma CZ Collections

Can be found at:  Gale WSL Contract and Alma CZ Activations - Documentation - LibGuides at Big Bend Community College


00:12:52    Nicole-Bellevue:    I had an issue with a file from Worldshare (XML). I believe the issue was that the code had changed an & to ASCII text. Blah
00:15:04    Nicole-Bellevue:    I haven't used MarcEdit?
00:16:35    Nicole-Bellevue:    Thanks!
00:39:31    Paula Laine @ Bellevue:    I've done my rollover. No microphone today.
00:42:04    Nicole-Bellevue:    Thanks for the help last week! I was able to add a database and journal title limit to Primo.
00:42:19    CB (she/her):    I haven't done rollover for Grays Harbor. MIght look at it this afternoon
00:43:20    Wade Guidry:
00:44:09    Tria Skirko:    Did anyone else attend the “Decolonizing the Catalog: Anti-Racist Description Practices from Authority Records to Discovery Layers.” ?
00:45:13    Nicole-Bellevue:    I did Tria- but haven't done anything yet.
00:45:57    Lynn (Bellingham Technical College):    I joined late. Is Sallie retiring from WCC?
00:46:39    Nicole-Bellevue:    She is Lynn. I will miss her a lot!
00:46:41    CB (she/her):    When was the "Decolonizing" webinar?
00:47:06    Nicole-Bellevue:    Bellevue was wacky and didn't subscribe to Gale
00:47:35    Naoko Yasuda (Highline):    I think LitFinder is included in the state package.
00:47:49    Roe McKernan (Whatcom CC):    Yes, Sally is retiring at the end of August.
00:47:49    Nicole-Bellevue:    Decolonizing the catalog was updating subject headings that are problematic, offensive, etc.
00:48:08    Roe McKernan (Whatcom CC):    WCC didn't go with the Gale either.
00:48:28    Isaac Devereux (he/him):    613800000000000397
00:49:42    Nicole-Bellevue:    I'm annoyed that I can like/thumbs up posts in Zoom.
00:50:01    Roe McKernan (Whatcom CC):    yes please
00:50:23    Tria Skirko:!!CVJAgw2XxpAa!xrLT5wsxy09BH-6IKEH0gzto_eng5NlP_hilGMWXGtOJA_FYR6B1_rTckVDDFL4%24&
00:50:42    Nicole-Bellevue:    Yay safe links
00:50:48    Lynn (Bellingham Technical College):    Boo hoo!
00:52:53    Nicole-Bellevue:    I wasn't part of the discussion so I don't know. Probably budget
00:53:12    Nicole-Bellevue:    We cut things; $30K worth
00:55:24    Nicole-Bellevue:    We have an OER librarian starting in fall!
00:56:16    Roe McKernan (Whatcom CC):    Yep
00:57:31    Tria Skirko:    Thanks everyone!