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Amy Herman
Charles Chitty
Clare Bryant (Edmonds)
Deb Derylak (she/her)
Elena Bianco
Isaac Devereux (Shoreline)
Jennifer Rohan
Karen Waite
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
Laura Staley - Renton Tech
Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College# she/her)
Leslie Potter-Henderson
Lily Kun (SPSCC; she/her)
Lurana Culligan
Melinda Martin
Naoko Yasuda
Nicole Longpre
Patricia Naylor (South Seattle College)
Paula Laine
Roe McKernan (Whatcom CC)
Ryer Banta
Sally Sheedy
Tammy Siebenberg
Traci Taylor (BTC)
Wade Guidry
Xinhang Hu


General Topics

Gale WSL contract participation and pricing


Alliance proposal for subject heading alterations

SUNY “Change the Subject” Project (with Primo VE examples) 

WACTCLC Instructions for updating display of subject headings related to undocumented immigrants:

Modifying subject headings

TITLE / AUTHOR DISPLAY in Primo VE Brief Record

Pierce College Preferred Name Test Record

Info from Orbis Cascade Alliance on their treatment of this issue (applies to Primo Back Office)

I can't speak to your questions about NACO practice with respect to author preferences, but I can help you with how UW's display is configured in Primo PBO (we're not moving to VE until mid-2022).

The brief display is achieved through a centrally-written Primo normalization rule that is named "Statement of Responsibility (for brief display)".  It displays 245$c (up to 200 characters) in the Brief display when there is no 1XX in the bibliographic record.  UW currently pairs this field with the OTB "Creator" field for the second line of their brief display in Primo.   This norm rule had to be written in a fairly complex way in PBO, but it might(?) be easier in VE.  The Alliance's Norm Rules group hasn't gotten to this rule yet in their migration efforts, so I don't know for certain if the VE OTB rules have an equivalent for this. The OTB "Creator" rule in VE, at least, does not include data from the 245$c. I've attached a document with screenshots of our PBO "Statement of Responsibility" rule in the hope that they'll be helpful to you.

For UW's full display, they use a combination of the OTB "Creator" field (which does not show the indigenous name desired) and another centrally-written display field named "Attribution".  This "attribution" field is created from the full 245$c and any linked 880 field.  It's much simpler than the "Statement of Responsibility" rule, since it's not limited to 200 characters, and it appears regardless of whether a 1XX is present in the record.  Again, screenshots are attached in a separate document.



00:34:31    Tammy Siebenberg:    Can you change normalization rules so it would add a new subject heading with the new words.
00:35:25    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    You can, but you'd want to create it as a local subject heading and protect it if you ever update the bib record.
00:38:06    Wade Guidry:
00:42:37    Elena Bianco:    Kirsti, I like that idea of changing it to a 690…
00:44:16    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    You can just go ahead and make the change in Pierce's environment :)
00:45:02    Tammy Siebenberg:    Local subject headings are searchable, right?
00:45:09    Ryer Banta:    I think you'
00:45:34    Ryer Banta:    I think you’re going to need part of the rule above - in the WHEN section
00:45:57    Ryer Banta:    To target the problematic head - aliens in this case
00:46:02    Elena Bianco:    Tammy, I believe so, but I think you have to set them up that way...
00:49:54    Tammy Siebenberg:    I would find it very confusing if I searched for a term and it was no where in the record because the display was changed.
00:50:06    Traci Taylor (BTC):    I agree
00:50:29    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    I'd lean more toward creating local subject headings for that reason.
00:50:44    Traci Taylor (BTC):    How would students know to use the original subject headings?
00:51:12    Amy Herman:    This is ridiculous that we would have to do all this. Congress needs to reverse that decision.
00:53:59    Elena Bianco:    I think I like the idea of just creating a local subject heading and then writing the normalization rule to change from 650 to 690...
00:54:12    Traci Taylor (BTC):    I need to head to another meeting. Have a great week!
00:55:35    Tammy Siebenberg:    Or could you keep the 650 and add a 690 using a normalization rule?
00:56:05    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    There is an argument that can still be made about not displaying "illegal aliens" in the display since it's a dehumanizing term.
00:56:22    Elena Bianco:    True, Kirsti…
00:57:05    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Yeah, and during that search I saw how many of our books had illegal in the title field. Looks like we have some weeding to do!
00:57:09    Elena Bianco:    Our 690s moved over from Millennium...
00:57:37    Amy Herman:    Gotta go.  thanks!
01:05:54    Nicole Longpre:    I need to head out, thanks everyone! I will try to join Thursday.
01:09:44    Stephanie:    I have another meeting - thanks!
01:10:53    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Thanks everyone for this discussion. I really, really appreciate it!
01:11:03    Elena Bianco:    Thanks, all!