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abby koehler (she/her)
Amy Herman (Amy Herman# Library Faculty)
amyjohnson EvCC (amyjohnson)
Bobby G.
Cara Beth
Cara Joy - Olympic College (Cara J Lunsford)
Clare Bryant
George Babcock (Seattle Central)
Kim Mitchell
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
Laura Staley_RTC Library
Lauren Bryant
Laurie Shuster (she/her) Pierce College
Lily Kun | SPSCC
Linda Garcia (LCC Library)
Melinda Martin
Naoko Yasuda - Highline
Ryer Banta
Traci Taylor (BTC)
Wade Guidry
Xinhang Hu


Informal Demo and Discussion of managing orders and invoices in ctcLink

Led by George Babcock, Seattle Colleges

See recording link above, as well as the accompanying ctcLink Workflow notes.


00:09:53    Wade Guidry:    Shared copy of George's document:
00:09:56    Wade Guidry:
00:17:06    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    George how do you send invoices to your accounts payable office?  Do you email pdfs or do you send through Alma or directly in CTClink somehow?
00:21:34    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    Do you create a requisition in CTC link?
00:22:39    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    OK thank you
00:22:54    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    At the other libraries, their admin assistants create purchase requisitions in ctcLink.
00:25:30    Wade Guidry:    If anyone would like to share their screen as they ask a question, we can do that ttoo
00:27:50    Wade Guidry:    Nice work!
00:27:56    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Good work keeping things balanced George!
00:31:01    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We use the External ID in the Alma fund to record the ctcLink budget chartstring
00:31:32    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    One Alma fund can only have 1 ctcLink chartstring. One ctcLink chartstring can be in multiple Alma funds
00:33:20    Amy Herman, Olympic College:    That reporting services portal is cool.  Does anyone else have anything like that at their college?
00:39:24    Cara J Lunsford:    no
00:40:50    Laurie Shuster (she/her) Pierce College:    I'm not sure if Pierce has anything like that. Other folks on our team work on the details of the invoices and payments.
00:47:53    Ryer Banta:    I'm curious, are P-Cards used at most of our colleges? Our purchasing department at Centralia is dead set against them.
00:48:57    Laurie Shuster (she/her) Pierce College:    Pierce uses P-Cards.
00:48:57    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Ryer-- our Purchasing department told us as soon as we migrated to prefer PCard purchases to Purchase Requisitions because it was easier for them to manage
00:49:16    Ryer Banta:    Interesting.
00:49:34    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We're also a *huge* institution with thousands of purchasing transactions every month
00:50:27    Laurie Shuster (she/her) Pierce College:    Interesting - I think the Pierce P-Card limit per transaction is $3,000
00:51:14    Naoko Yasuda - Highline:    We use p-card only when vendors don't accept purchase orders.
00:51:54    Cara Beth:    My p-card limit is 5K per transaction, and 10K per billing cycle. Other library staff have lower limits
00:52:18    Ryer Banta:    Thanks for that side-bar on p-cards. Interesting to know how others do it. I suspected that other institutions use p-cards more.
00:52:20    Lily Kun | SPSCC:    We also use p-cards at SPSCC, but I think our limit is pretty low.
00:52:21    Cara Beth:    LOL
00:52:24    Cara J Lunsford:    At OC it depends on who's card
00:53:42    Waite:    My pcard limit is same as Cara Beth
00:54:34    Waite:    If I need to make a really big purchase, my dean has purchasing up my limit
01:02:10    Cara Joy - Olympic College:    Thank you for your time - this was helpful :)
01:04:41    Laurie Shuster (she/her) Pierce College:    Thanks everyone!
01:06:30    Cara Beth:    Our p-card cutoff was mid-May!
01:07:51    abby koehler (she/her):    I'm looking forward to sharing this with my Acquisition colleague when he gets back from vacation. Thank you soooo much!!
01:07:54    Melinda Martin:    Thanks all!
01:07:54    amyjohnson EvCC:    Thank you so much.
01:07:59    Cara Beth:    Thanks, George