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Amy Herman
Cara Beth (she/her)
Clare Bryant
Elena Bianco
George Babcock (Seattle Central)
John Anderson Big Bend CC
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
L Culligan
Laura Staley - Renton Tech
Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College# she/her)
Leslie Potter-Henderson
Lily Kun (SPSCC; she/her)
Maryanne Hirning (Learning Commons)
Melinda Martin
Nadine Pavlov
Naoko Yasuda (Highline) (Naoko Yasuda)
Nicole Longpre
Patricia Naylor (South Seattle College)
Paula Laine
Ryer Banta
Sally Sheedy
Traci Taylor
Wade Guidry


Clarivate to buy ProQuest

Press Release

Opens new sales opportunities to drive growth in existing and complementary markets: Enterprise software is the fastest growing library market segment and has high customer loyalty due to workflows integrated in core library operations. This acquisition will provide Clarivate with access to complementary markets and varied users, including public libraries, research libraries, school districts and community colleges, with the opportunity to deliver new campus-wide platforms to provide a unified source of knowledge discovery.

 For 2020, ProQuest generated $876 million of revenue, 4% from organic growth, and $250 million of Adjusted EBITDA.

Working out the Spokane contract

Resource type in Primo VE

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00:15:03    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    It was Amy  :)
00:15:50    Amy Herman:    Anyone want to give odds of Elsevier buying EBSCO, next? :)
00:16:10    Lynn:    I keep hearing ProQuest being advertised on NPR.
00:16:10    Nicole Longpre:    Gosh I hope nowt. I dislike Elsevier
00:16:16    Wade Guidry:
00:17:10    Amy Herman:    Someone on Twitter gave a play by play of their telephone press conference.  The line that struck me was, "We can touch every student in K through doctoral degrees everywhere."  Kinda creepy...!
00:17:29    Nicole Longpre:    Loyalty=no choice?
00:21:42    Amy Herman:    The phone press conference referenced Ex Libris quite a bit so they know...
00:24:07    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Can you post a link to the thread Amy?
00:28:06    Amy Herman:
00:30:21    Wade Guidry:
00:33:40    Nicole Longpre:    We find that few folks have the ability to play a CD anymore
00:34:14    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Yeah, I think I'd have to go to my car :)
00:34:27    Nicole Longpre:    My car is Bluetooth only!
00:35:34    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    I think Seattle Central picked up an external DVD/CD player (they're under $50) to check out to patrons who needed to play physical discs
00:35:55    Nicole Longpre:    We have a few external ones- especially for MACs
00:42:43    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    @Kirsti, we added the weird 100 to try to find a workaround because the Alliance record had an Attribution line
00:44:45    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    The line of names in Primo that appears right under the title looks like it's pulling the names from all the 700 fields.  I'm guessing this because each name has "editor" after it, which is what shows up in all the 700 fields at the bottom of the record.
00:46:06    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    The Alliance record has the same 700 field: 
00:46:07    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):
00:47:02    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    We can ask Leslie Lowrey what's going on behind the scenes.
00:47:44    Elena Bianco:    What’s interesting is when you click on Jo-Ann Archibald, the results are mixed, some include the full name (apparently the print books) and some don’t. It’s inconsistent...
00:53:32    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Oops... Lesley Lowery.  She's the Network Zone manager at Orbis Cascade.
00:55:03    Elena Bianco:    Could you just create a normalization rule to change that one authors name when you import?
00:59:18    Elena Bianco:    Thanks, all!
00:59:30    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Thanks everyone! Kirsti, maybe we can talk more about reaching out the Lesley together later?
00:59:44    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    SOunds good!