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Karen Waite
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
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Wade Guidry
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Gale SDL Overlap Analysis and Data

Gale SDL Overlap Analsysis (identifier lists for journals and ebooks, and walk-through)

ELUNA 2021 Keynote Presentations

ELUNA 2021 Annual Meeting Online – ELUNA (

  • "yada yada yada"
  • Accessibility (WAC 2.1 for Alma and Primo VE)
  • Diversity-Equity-Inclusion
  • Workflows (Acquisitions highlighted)
  • Documentation


ELUNA Keynotes Recording
•    1:00 pm - 1:05 pm. Welcome   
•    1:05 pm - 1:25 pm. ELUNA 2021 Kickoff  
•    1:25 pm - 2:00 pm. Ex Libris Update: Our Path Forward, Together  
•    2:00 pm - 2:10 pm. Break  
•    2:10 pm - 2:50 pm. Library Impact & Beyond  
•    2:50 pm - 3:10 pm. Ex Libris Management Q&A  
•    3:10 pm - 3:20 pm. Break  
•    3:20 pm - 4:00 pm. Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness Update  

ELuna Learns (June to November, 2021): ELUNA Learns 2021 – ELUNA (

2020 ELUNA Learns Presentations

ctcLink Integration Document for DG5

A final draft of the Alma-ctcLink User Data Integration document is available for download on the WACTCLC web site.

Recent listserv and questions / discussions

Recent ExLibris Webinar Recordings

Recent CDI-related ExLbris webinars

Tammy Siebenberg, Yakima Valley College, Retiring :(

Job listing: 



00:17:28    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    So much yada yada yada!
00:17:42    Nicole Longpre:    I listened to most of yesterday's presentation.
00:18:04    Nicole Longpre:    There were some wacky plants in the backgrounds!
00:18:05    Traci Taylor:    I did as well
00:19:24    Amy Herman:    Ha ha ha!  I listened while I was doing the national chat queue and finally had to turn the sound off, "yada yada yada"
00:19:37    angi a.:    DEI was presented. Africa and Asia are not included in Ex Libris!!!
00:21:20    Ryer Banta:    Yikes @angi
00:21:50    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    I know they've got customers in Hong Kong. Huh.
00:21:57    angi a.:    Harmful language
00:22:39    Elena Bianco - Skagit:    I did think it was interesting that they did do some training with  Safiya Noble
00:23:28    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    True, Elena! But I did cringe when they pronounced her name wrong :|
00:23:48    Elena Bianco - Skagit:    Agreed...
00:25:39    Nicole Longpre:    I only saw ExL stuff
00:26:39    Nicole Longpre:    I did like the question as to whether ExL will charge less due to the current financial crisis.
00:29:41    Nicole Longpre:    Yeah, don't hold your breath
00:31:50    Amy Herman:    What's the difference between "not in db" and "unique"?
00:32:15    Amy Herman:    Ok, thanks!
00:34:06    Amy Herman:    Does Everett already have Gale databases?
00:34:45    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Does everyone on here know about the meeting at noon that Greg Bem organized? "LLC - ProQuest/Gale Discussion"
00:35:00    Traci Taylor:    Yes I am attending
00:35:14    Melinda Martin:    I am also attending
00:35:17    Elena Bianco - Skagit:    Yes! Thanks for the reminder!
00:35:34    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Cool! Just thought I'd make sure :)
00:35:45    Amy Herman:    I never received an email inviting me although I filled out the Doodle poll.  Is the meeting today?
00:36:02    Ryer Banta:    the type is small on my screen, but is the overlap number bigger than unique? That doesn’t make sense to me.
00:36:04    Amy Herman:    Leslie can you email me the link
00:36:51    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Amy-- I just forwarded the meeting event to you
00:37:01    Laura Staley Library:    Leslie - can you also send me the link?
00:37:06    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Here's the link:
00:37:19    Laura Staley Library:    Thanks!
00:37:23    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    NP!
00:44:10    Sally Sheedy:    As a member of group 5, very grateful !!!!
00:44:23    Traci Taylor:    ditto
00:44:52    Elena Bianco - Skagit:    Likewise...
00:46:53    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    One wrinkle we've run into with ctcLink is that students who register for classes, but then cancel their registration before paying tuition end up in Alma as valid students.  I'm working with our IT wizard John Davis to figure out how to handle this.  I'll report what we figure out.
00:48:18    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Thanks, Kirsti. I'll let Carlos know about that as we work through the larger withdrawn issue.
00:55:21    Traci Taylor:    heading off to virtual reference. Thanks, Wade.
00:58:36    Amy Herman:    Off topic but Inslee is announcing an update to reopening plans today at 11am...
01:01:43    Elena Bianco - Skagit:    One of our faculty in Adult Basic Ed forwarded a message from one of their folks at SBCTC who said Inslee is expected to announce vaccination requirement for all higher ed students for fall. Of course, like WSU, it probably will have all sorts of exemptions…
01:02:42    Nicole Longpre:    Printing in Alma is so wacky. We just want it to be less so.
01:04:35    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Have to run! See some of y'all at noon!
01:05:05    Lynn Robinson (Bellingham Technical College):    Bye and thanks all!
01:05:15    Nicole Longpre:    We're still trying to make it work.
01:05:36    Nicole Longpre:    I have to run, sorry!
01:06:33    Elena Bianco - Skagit:    Thanks, Wade and all!
01:06:40    Laura Staley Library:    Thank you! Bye!
01:06:40    Amy Herman:    See y'all at noon...!