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Amy Herman
Cara Beth (she/her)
Charles Chitty
Charly (Edmonds)
Deb Derylak (she/her)
Elena Bianco
Isaac Devereux (he# him) - Shoreline
Jennifer Rohan
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
Laura Staley - Renton Tech
Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College (Lesley Caldwell (Librarian# she/her))
Lily Kun (SPSCC; she/her)
Lurana Culligan (Edmonds)
Lynn Robinson (BTC)
Naoko Yasuda (Highline) (Naoko Yasuda)
Paula Laine
Tammy Siebenberg
Traci Taylor (BTC)
Wade Guidry
Will Parnell


Topics discussed in today's meeting.

Alma Inventory

The Alma inventory info page on the WACTCLC web site can be found at:

Alma Inventory Tools - Documentation

Dedup and FRBR

To check the deduplication and FRBRization status of any two records in Alma, you can use the Discovery / Dedup and FRBR Test Utility:

Dedup and FRBR Analysis Tool for Primo VE - Ex Libris Knowledge Center ( documentation)

How to Test Dedup and FRBR (3 min video)

Become an Expert on Dedup and FRBR in Primo VE (Youtube, 55 min)

Match and Merge in the CDI (Informational only, not configurable by customer)

Duplicate Detection Vector - Ex Libris Knowledge Center (

Primo VE Dedup and FRBR | CARLI (

Understanding the Dedup and FRBR Processes (Primo VE) - Ex Libris Knowledge Center (

CDI Activation Analysis (

Campus Vaccine Policy Statuses and other COVID-related info (self-reported by libraries)

Library Hiring

A number of openings currently exist within the WACTC libraries, which I believe are all listed on the PNLA jobs page:

Library Jobs in Pacific Northwest – Pacific Northwest Library Association (

And LWTech recently hired Stirling Holland-Stone as their new Library Tech II.



00:09:08    Jennifer Rohan:    Welcome! :)
00:09:10    Laura Staley_Library:    Hi, Linda. Welcome!
00:09:17    Ryer Banta (he/him):    Welcome Linda!
00:09:19    Dan Moore:    We need one! lol
00:09:21    Dan Moore:    Charly's left :<
00:09:30    Amy Herman:    Hi Linda!  Where in MT?  I'm from Missoula :)
00:09:54    Dan Moore:    brb
00:09:58    Linda Garcia (Lower Columbia College):    I worked in Billings @ Montana State Univeristy Billings
00:14:29    Amy Herman:    I'm waiting for a quote from OCLC for hosted EZproxy (we currently self-host) and am getting impatient.  If someone wouldn't mind giving me a ballpark annual fee in a private chat message I'd appreciate it...
00:18:31    Amy Herman:    Thanks everyone!
00:19:06    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Authentication is getting more complicated. ;)
00:20:07    Laura Staley_Library:    Our EZProxy is down right now too.
00:21:09    cassandra.miller:    We got it long enough ago that I forgot about the one time set-up fee!
00:26:15    Amy Herman:    nurse's pocket guide diagnose
00:31:58    Dan Moore:    General question related to this - what can I do to dedup a local physical item with a CDI ebook?
00:34:14    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    Maybe the Thu. meeting this week or next could focus on Primo dedup questions?
00:34:35    Dan Moore:    +1 Kirsti
00:35:27    Dan Moore:    Thanks for confirming that
00:35:32    Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges):    I've got to run to another meeting.  Chiao!
00:35:39    Dan Moore:    Yeah I'd love to spend the hour working with y'all on it
00:36:20    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    Can we record that Thursday one, please? :)
00:41:15    Dan Moore:    Unrelated to Alma but is everyone's schools requiring vaccine verification for students?
00:41:24    cassandra.miller:    Yes
00:41:28    Dan Moore:    Or maybe I'll put it this way - is your school NOT doing verification?
00:41:45    Laura Staley_Library:    We are doing attesting, not verification.
00:41:59    Dan Moore:    All campuses are vaccinated, BUT each campus can do attestation only or attest+verify
00:42:02    Paula Laine:    Bellevue is a vaccinated campus.
00:42:04    Amy Herman:    We had student self-reporting of vaccinated status and then they are doing spot checks to verify the actual vaccination cards
00:42:04    Lesley Caldwell (Pierce College, she/her):    We did verification, but we have almost 20% religious exemption
00:42:07    Dan Moore:    Edmonds is attest only
00:42:11    Lily Kun (SPSCC; she/her):    SPSCC is a vaccinated campus. Everybody needs to verify that they are vaccinated.
00:42:25    Elena Bianco:    No verification for online only students. Verification for students online. Of course, if the elearning students come into the library, nobody's checking