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ctcLink Purchasing Workflow Meta-documentation

The following workflow represents a rough understanding (as of April 2021) of our understanding of how the Alma acquisitions worfklow will relate to requisitions within ctcLink.

Thanks in particular to Kirsti Thomas (Seattle) and Lesley Caldwell (Pierce) for sharing knowledge they have gained.

  • Library creates a PeopleSoft (aka ctcLink) Purchase Requisition for each major library vendor, to encumber the money the library expects to spend with that vendor.
  • Every institutional budget line (funding source) will have separate line in a PeopleSoft Purchase Requisition. So, if you have budget lines you spend at Amazon, for example, the amount earmarked for Amazon purchases from each of those budget lines will be called out in the Purchase Requisition.
  • Purchase Requisitions get approved by the institution, after which they become Purchase Orders in PeopleSoft.
  • When a purchase is made by the library from a vendor represented by one of these Purchase Orders, the library creates an Invoice Voucher in PeopleSoft. 
  • The library includes information on the invoice received from the vendor into that Invoice Voucher. The library can include in that information a list of items purchased and to be paid by that Invoice Voucher.

We will continue to expand our knowledge of the ctcLink purchasing workflow over the coming months, and continue to share what we learn.

Pierce College ctcLink Requisitions Tutorial

The following video represents a training video made specifically for Pierce College.

The video is being shared simply to provide a general look at acquisitions within ctcLink, and should be considered for informational purposes only.