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Alma / Primo Call - May 3 2022


No recording.


abby koehler (she/her)
Amy Herman# Olympic College
Cara Beth
Dan Moore (EDCC)
Elena Bianco
Isaac Devereux (he# him) - Shoreline
Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges)
Laura Staley
Lauren Bryant
Laurie Shuster (she/her) Pierce College
Lily Kun | SPSCC
Lurana Culligan (Edmonds)
Melinda Martin
Naoko Yasuda
Nicole Longpre
Paula Laine
Traci Taylor (BTC)
Tria Skirko
Victoria Solheim - Pierce College
Wade Guidry
Will Parnell
Xinhang Hu


Deleting and repopulating the portfolios of a CZ collection

  • Create a managed set for the current portfolios and run the set through a widthdraw job
  • Next, edit the service for the collection, go to the portfolios tab, and activate all portfolios in the collection

Marking a lost loan as "claims returned"

  • First, mark the lost loan as "found"
  • Next, mark the loan as "claims returned"

Also, note the following shared by CARLI on the Alma-L list:

CARLI has recently learned that items with a status of "Claims Returned" have been being converted to “Lost” status in Alma. Ex Libris has told us that to prevent this status change, we need to adjust each Overdue and Lost Loan profile to leave the two claims returned statuses out of the “Loan Status” list. 

After the configuration changes have been made, materials with a “Claims Returned” status will be exempt from receiving overdue notices and from having the transaction changed from “Claims Returned” to “Lost” status.

Issues with messages sent from Alma to Gmail accounts

If you are having issues with Alma notification emails bouncing back from @gmail accounts, you need to set the 'addressfrom' in your letter configurations to ''.

You can also try asking your IT department to add an SPF record in your campus DNS as follows, but this may or may not resolve the issue:

The safest approach is to use '' as the 'addressfrom' in all your letter setups.


Troubleshooting analytics reports that do not return the expected data

Be sure to review any filters you have in place. If you aren't getting the data you expect, try removing or adjusting filters.


From Dan Moore (EDCC) to Everyone 10:00 AM
Morning morning
From Traci Taylor (BTC) to Everyone 10:00 AM
Good morning
From Nicole Longpre to Everyone 10:00 AM
Good morning
From abby koehler (she/her) to Everyone 10:01 AM
From Me to Everyone 10:12 AM
If an item has been marked Lost, you won't be able to change it to Claimed Return. First you need to mark the item as Found, then change it to Claimed Return.
From Melinda Martin to Everyone 10:13 AM
From the above documentation: "Ex Libris Response (23 January 2019)

Analytics already has the following bibliographic 008 positions:

    008/06 date type
    008/07-10 begin publication date
    008/11-14 end publication date
    008/15-17 place 
    008/35-37 language"
From Paula Laine to Everyone 10:19 AM
Kirsti did you need to edit the prompt to include the new bins? I can’t remember if we need to do that too.
From Dan Moore (EDCC) to Everyone 10:26 AM
What was that 'TH' filter again?
From Lauren Bryant to Everyone 10:26 AM
This is so super useful to see! The reports are so useful but difficult to set up.
From Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges) to Everyone 10:30 AM
@Dan: That was created by filtering on the "Quarters" field which had a bunch of Bins defined in the Edit Formula section. The filter was supposed to exclude based on the name of the bin.
From Nicole Longpre to Everyone 10:31 AM
Gmail thinks you are spoofing
From Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges) to Everyone 10:31 AM
@Paula: Thanks!  I'll check that too
From Victoria Solheim - Pierce College to Everyone 10:36 AM
We've found some students have gone into ctc-link and have somehow made their personal email the only one there (or at least the only one that shows in Alma).
From Nicole Longpre to Everyone 10:37 AM
We see that too Victoria
Sometimes, but thankfully not all the time

Configuring Outgoing Email

From Tria Skirko to Everyone 10:37 AM
WVC is automatically forwarding to preferred email addresses, so if a student has a gmail set up as preferred if I send a direct email to the WVC student address it will send to both.
IT is thinking about getting rid of WVC student email addresses all together.
From Elena Bianco to Everyone 10:37 AM
But if we just change the from email to the default, that solves the problem?
From Laura Staley to Everyone 10:39 AM
But that way you wouldn't see any replies they make.
From Lauren Bryant to Everyone 10:40 AM
Ours are Gmail aliases too at Shoreline.
From Me to Everyone 10:46 AM
From Dan Moore (EDCC) to Everyone 10:50 AM
nyah nyah
From Lauren Bryant to Everyone 10:51 AM
They stole Clare Bryant from us!
From Lurana Culligan (Edmonds) to Everyone 10:52 AM
We are so fortunate to have Julie with us and Clare Bryant too!  I miss George too.
From abby koehler (she/her) to Everyone 11:02 AM
Headed out to the next meeting, good to hear from folks!
From Elena Bianco to Everyone 11:03 AM
Thanks all!
From Lily Kun | SPSCC to Everyone 11:03 AM
Thanks, everyone!
From Kirsti Thomas (Seattle Colleges) to Everyone 11:03 AM
From Melinda Martin to Everyone 11:03 AM
Thanks all!
From Naoko Yasuda to Everyone 11:03 AM
Thank you!