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NaPoWriMo: April 30: Home

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NaPoWriMo: April 30 Poetry Prompt


Scott Woodham, English Instructor

"Choose one activity, habit, or state of mind that is either totally new or that you’re experiencing differently now during social distancing. Try to use it as a window into seeing how the world is unchanged even though your routine in experiencing it may be different. The world hasn’t changed at all even though human beings may be looking at it differently, or seeing a different part of ourselves or our environments than usual. I picked four-line grafs here, but feel free to choose whatever form you want."



Dividing line of cocoons


Pandemic Walking News


Each morning families I’ve never

seen before but surely are

neighbors practice walking now and

soon they’ll master it well


enough, like all of us have mastered

living to lean on life’s bent-

up training wheels made of death saying

how valuable even the worst among us are.


I’m learning to walk again

as they are, all our pale legs

hang up stiff-kneed at unfamiliar

patches of sidewalk subtly peaked.


And now I know a neighbor’s jeep

has a fake hunting permit for people

we consider family--as if fantasy

ever needed registration to cause disaster.


We know his dogs now better than him, having

Walked past them so many times saying

what good boys they are that now they

whine soft hellos when we pass and sniff


through the fence instead of barking like

we’re trying to steal their deadly master’s

everything. Nothing is different though

everything’s changed. No one comes


back from the dead though all

we can do is get closer. The blooming

Bradford pear tree at sunset so full

of feeding bees became electric and could


have followed the cranes up and away.

The smell of manure each morning says

creation hasn’t stopped destroying itself on

schedule for even more harvest.


-- Scott Woodham, 2020



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