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Passion Project Showcase:Episode One: Dr. Allison Palumbo Discusses Book: Love and the Fighting Female: A Critical Study of Onscreen Depictions | Winter 2021: Home

Passion Project Showcase

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Dr. Allison Palumbo

Dr. Alison Palumbo

Dr. Allison P. Palumbo is a tenured English faculty member at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, WA. They have a Ph.D. in English from the University of Kentucky and a long list of literary loves. Dr. P’s research and teaching emphasize gender issues in American literature and popular culture. In addition to their work on the sexual politics of romance as portrayed onscreen, they have published articles on Henry Miller’s Tropics trilogy. Beyond their passion for guessing entire movie plot lines in the first five minutes, they love to read heavy books on hot beaches, indulge in good food, and take road trips.

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