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Rhonda The Librarian's Random Reading & Research Review | May 2021 | Rage

by Rhonda Kitchens on 2021-05-14T11:40:00-07:00 | 0 Comments



The Librarian's Reading & Research ReviewMay 2021 Rage by rhondakwrites


Rage and time a psychopolitical investigation  (Sloterdijk, & Wenning, 2010).

"It seems like rage does not want to continue to learn. It does not reach a level of knowledge, and knowledge does not reach it."


Social rage emotion and cultural conflict (Barry, 1999).

"Social change means a disruption of stability, a change in “the way things have always been.” Some social groups may be unwilling to accept change if it means a leveling of social power, and particularly if it means a decline in social power for them. Their resistance may coincide with a reassertion of their traditionally-held privileges."


Furiously Funny: Comic Rage from Ralph Ellison to Chris Rock (Tucker, 2018).

"Rock’s career shows us how artists can resist being assimilated into mainstream culture through the continued production of works of comic rage that challenge fundamental assumptions about race."


Rage and Reason: Women Playwrights on Playwriting (Stephenson & Langridge, 2017).

"How do you keep growing as an artist and yet keep fighting the system?" -- Debbie Issit


Blind Rage: Letters to Helen Keller (Klege, 2005).

"I feel the blunt ends of his fingers in your palm. I feel his fingers extending into an L. For what word? Later?"


Ancient anger perspectives from Homer to Galen. (Braund & Most, 2003)

"The “wrath of Achilles” in theIliad famously makes anger the first word in Western literature, and the debate about the anger of Aeneas atthe end of the the Aeneid continues to rage."



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Tucker, T. (2018). Furiously Funny: Comic Rage from Ralph Ellison to Chris Rock. University Press of Florida.


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