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Microsoft IT Academy: Microsoft IT Academy

(Step 1) Microsoft IT Academy Registration

Microsoft and the Washington State Library have joined together to make Microsoft's IT Academy available to Big Bend Community College Library's patrons, students and community members, for free!

To access the IT Academy you need to have a Microsoft account, ie: Hotmail, Live, xBox,, Office 360 account, etc...  If you don't have a Microsoft account it is easy and free to make one.

If you DO NOT have any of these accounts, you must create a Microsoft Account associated with a valid email address:

Go to and Sign up

Complete the required fields

Scroll to bottom of page and click I Accept

Check your email account and follow the steps in the email to confirm your Microsoft Account.  If you did not receive an email, check your Junk Mail and Spam folders in case it was misrouted. 


You will need to use the same email account you used to sign in when you access your courses in the future.  Be sure to keep this information safe.

If you already have a Microsoft account or you just finished creating one following the steps above, you need to follow the link below to register your email account with Microsoft IT Academy.  You must be in the BBCC Library, or if you are a student, you can access this link off campus with your BBCC username and password. 

Microsoft IT Academy Registration Link

The first time you login to the the Microsoft IT Academy eLearning site you will need to complete your user profile.  The access code provided by the library will automatically be entered into the form.  You will only need to do these steps once!  Every time after that, you will log in and quickly access and resume your courses.

The First name and Last name in your Profile will be the name listed on your Course Completion Certificates.  The email address entered on this form will be used to communicate with you about your courses.

After you have completed these steps you will have complete access to all Microsoft eLearning offered via the IT Academy. Office 2010 and Office 2013 are some of the most popular product training to get started with.

Here is the link to register your account with IT Academy: 

(Step 2) Finding and Adding Courses to Your Learner Profile

1. Search for courses or Browse using product categories to locate and add Microsoft courses to your account.

2. When you find a course you are interested in taking, click Add.  The course will now show up in the My courses tile on your Learner Home screen.

3. From the Learner Home page click My courses to view and start courses you’ve added, or click to Resume the last course you accessed.

You can add as many courses as you like. You can also remove courses from the My courses tile on your Learner Home page.

(Step 3) Signing out and Returning to the IT Academy

As a best practice, always sign out when you are finished to prevent any other users of the same computer from accessing your account.

To sign out:

1. Click your name from the top-right corner.

2. Click Sign out to close your current session and log you out of the system.

Returning to IT Academy

After your initial visit, returning to the IT Academy to work on your courses is easy! You may access IT Academy eLearning from a link on the Library’s website, or access it directly from

1. Click Sign in on the welcome screen

2. Select how you will sign in.

3. Sign in with your Microsoft login credential

4. From the Learner Home page, click to Resume the last course you accessed or click My courses to view and start any other course you’ve added.


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