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What is the Passion Project Showcase?

Past Events & About

Winter 2021
Dr. Alison Palumbo

Spring 2021
Dr. Jim Hamm

Fall 2021
Dr. Dennis Knepp

Winter 2022
Rie Palkovic

Spring 2022
Dr. John Owens

Fall 2022
Ricardo Ruiz

What is the Passion Project Showcase? 
Big Bend started a quarterly event in Winter 2021 to feature the works of wonder that inspire members of our school community. 
Why have a Passion Project Showcase? 
At Big Bend, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by talented and awesome people. Our school is full of faculty, administrators, staff, and students who are experts in a wide variety of areas. Their work is driven by excitement and curiosity, and we want to celebrate these love labors.

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Next Featured Event...

Poet & Alumni Ricardo Ruiz

Author of 
We Had Our Reasons: Poems by Ricardo Ruiz and Other Hardworking Mexicans from Eastern Washington

Held:  Thursday, October 27, 2022  In the Library. 

*VIP - Very Important Passion!




"The son of potato factory workers, Ricardo hails from Othello, Washington and his works often draw from his experience as a first-generation Mexican-American. He is passionate about elevating the marginalized voices from rural communities and takes pride in being a conduit for cultural connection. His own struggles straddling cultures provide insight to the difficulties of the Mexican migrant worker and their families.

Ricardo holds an Associates Degree in Business and Accounting from Big Bend Community College where he was recognized as Student of the year in both Business and Economics and English Composition. He also holds a Bachelor of Art in English: Creative Writing from the University of Washington and is an Army Veteran. While in the military Ricardo was recognized as Distinguished Honor Graduate and Distinguished Leader during his Advanced Leadership Course." - Website


PPS Rodrigo Ruiz