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Norm Rules
Meets every other Wednesday 2-3 p.m.

Question: How can Norm Rules be used to improve user experience/catalog functionality?
What do they do? Common glitches/troubleshooting of norm rules? Syntax required? Cataloging perspective versus Circulation/User Management?
Some uses for Norm Rules:  

Open Access Collections and Linking
Question: Can we make Primo any better at correctly pulling and linking OA content?
Goal: Update Greg Bem’s work (2018); suggest revised basic practices for CTC libraries
*find a solution and share*

Primo Customization
Online Availability order & visibility
Question: How do you limit and organize Online Availability links for E-Resources?
Goal: *find a solution and share*
UX Research
Question: How are students using Primo? Can it be better?
Goal: *long term and varied*
Search Profiles
Question: How do you create custom Blended Search Profiles, and why might you want to?
Goal: *non-urgent, but find a solution and share*

Routine clean-up Toolkit
Question: Shared documentation for Alma/Primo maintenance tasks
Goal:*complete toolkit, then annual review and update*

Analytics Toolkit & Reports
Question: Shared documentation for consistent ERM
Goal: *complete toolkit, create Dashboards and Reports, modify and add as needed*

Future Groups

Institutional Repository
Question: Feasibility of WACTCLC IR hosting
Goal: ArchivesSpace? Islandora? CONTENTdm? Omeka
*long term, exploration*

EBSCO Ebook Collection
Question: How many schools have access to state-purchased ebooks from years ago and how can we access them?
Goal:*find a solution and share*

WorldCat & Google Scholar syncing
Question: How do you make sure your library’s holdings are accurate on Google and in WorldCat?
Goal:*find a solution and share, keep an eye on future developments*

E-Resources Toolkit
Questions: Enabling Crossref? Activation workflow? Deletion workflow? CDI?
Goal: Shared documentation for consistent ERM *create toolkit, keep an eye on developments, annual updates*

Website coding
Question: Some shared useful code snippets for LibGuides
Goal: Creating a Primo search widget?
*explore, find cool code, share and document*

AskWA LibChat
Question: Getting access to edit or create widgets in the WA Library site? How to set up correctly? How to use different versions for different pages of your site?
Goal: Some documentation? Meeting with Sara Pete?

Goal: *explore possibility of themed training days, help coordinate/plan*