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Nonprofit Research


Suggested Approaches to Nonprofit Research


OVerviewQuick overview of how to use this page

There are many ways to approach nonprofit research. This is a list of ideas with accompanying videos.

If you need more assistance or detail, reach out to your Librarian,

1) Guidestar & Tax Information at State and Federal Level

2) Website Elements to Look for on Organization Website

3) Newsbank and Academic Search Complete : Research News and Magazine Articles 

4) Google Strategies to Delve into Reputation and Works Including Social Media - Google Advanced



Guidestar & Tax Information at State and Federal Level


Find 990s, board demographics, operations, some financials, and more. Use this sign-in for GuideStar unless you wish to create an account.

Play GuideStar OVerviewGuideStar Video Introduction. 


Charity Navigator 

Ratings for nonprofits including accountability and transparency metrics.
Play GuideStar OVerviewQuick Demo of Charity Navigator


IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search Tool

Includes 990s, determination letters, pub. 78 data, and automatic revocation of exemption list. This is slim information that may be repeated elsewhere.

Play GuideStar OVerviewHow to use IRS search tool.

Washington Corporations and Charities Filing System

These exist in all states. This one has articles of incorporation, annual reports, notices, and states the status of the entity. 

Play GuideStar OVerviewOverview of Washington State Nonprofit Organization Search 


Website Elements to Look for on Organization Website

Sections to Review on an Organization's Website

1) About | Mission statement | Activities Funded

2) Financials & Accountability Statements | Transparency

3) Boards of Directors | Administration | Governance

4) Fundraising Events

5) Contact

6) Processes 

7) Currency 



Newsbank and Academic Search Complete : Research News and Magazine Articles



Newsbank & Proquest


Newsbank is a database of full-text international databases.

Proquest is a database containing scholarly articles, press releases, reports, eBooks, videos, and newspaper and magazine articles. 

Think of keywords: awards, scandal, ethics, value, "board of directors"


Google Strategies to Delve into Reputation and Works Including Social Media - Google Advanced


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