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How To...


Find Article.

Review Video. See table of contents to the right and on YouTube.



Get article URL.

Copy PURL of the article you will use: How to Diagram See Larger. If you want to copy and correct the citation for it, use the big quotes button as demonstrated in the video, 

Permanent URL diagram



Select pages of PDF.


Screen capture key pages of found article.
ThingLink will need a .png or jpg.  Screen Capture Parts of Article for Project.



Screen Capture Links



Your invite code is 



EX: ThingLink w/tags on article


Make sure to set individual ThingLinks to


Use Google Sites to Share ThingLink projects.

Add Embed of ThingLink to Google Sites.  Make sure you have a free Google email and you will find this a fast process that help with other assignments or projects. 




VIDEO:  How to Find Scholarly Research Article

Contents Intro 00:00 Overview of Presentation: 0:31 Think Link Project Needs to Show 2:35 What is a Scholarly Article vs Popular Vs Trade 3:13 Anatomy of a Scholarly Article : Sections 5:06 Qualitative and Quanitative Methods 12:04 Search Strategy Introduction 13:59 Search Strategy Examples 18:00 What is a database? 21:29 Permanent URL Intro 22:28 Screen Capture Shows Links Intro 22:42 Google Sites Intro 23:17 -- Detailed information on the previous three items in the left column. How to get to the Library 23:55 Databases A-Z - 24:09 Find Proquest and other databases by name - 24:13 Proquest Scholarly Article Search finding two example articles - 25:38



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