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Start Building Your Research Strategy From the Assignment Rubric and Instructions


  1. Define the Social Problem – What is the social problem affecting families? Who and what are the opposing viewpoints at play? What is the history of this problem? How has it changed through time?

  1. Population/s affected by the Social Problem – Who is adversely affected by this social problem? How? What are the consequences of this social problem for the affected population? Provide background information on who the problem affects (data on demographics, ethnicities, race, cultural information, socioeconomic status (SES), ages, sexual or gender identities, disabilities, rates of addiction, historical facts and other data, etc.).

  1. Putting a face on this Social Problem – Using a micro-sociological lens, describe an individual who is affected by this problem. (Case Study) .

  1. Call to Action – Explore some solutions to this problem. 



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