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Go to B to find Business Source Elite 

Put this in the search:  JN "Harvard Business Review Digital Articles" 

Add keyword(s)  in the search box.

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Basic Research Tips and Demonstration



Harvard Business Review Video

Two Minute Harvard Business Review: How to Research and Find Full Text


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00:00 Introduction
00:57 Search Strategies
07:02 Research Evaluation Criteria
12:17 Mention of Class Guide
13:00 How to Login to Library Resources
13:58 Ask a Librarian 24/7
14:52 Find the LIbrary's Website
15:39 Using the Library Catalog
17:49 Databases A-Z
17:57 Business Database List
18:38 Proquest One Business
21:12 Using Class Guide for SOC 320




BAS Organizational Behavior Research.

NOTES about assignment



We will have online discussions every week.  I will pose an issue and ask you to respond by Wednesday.  Please be thoughtful.  Next, read through your colleague's posts and find one that stands out for you.  Make a thoughtful comment to that person by Friday.  Also, I will host a couple of zoom events when we can gather and discuss things in real-time as an option for those who would like to do so.    News Flash - If you find some other issue or topic more intriguing or important than the one I've posed, by all means, comment on that instead!  Also, feel free to submit a voice comment as well if you'd rather gab than type.  Discussions are also worth 10 points each and 25% of your grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the fundamental principles and conceptual frameworks of organizational behavior, to include individual, group, and manager/supervisor behavior.
  • Analyze how organizations and the people within them work.
  • Apply organizational behavior concepts to real-world problems faced by managers.
  • Explain current organizational behavior research and evaluate the benefits and challenges at the individual, team, and organizational levels.
  • Explain how organizational change and culture affect working relationships within organizations.
  • Identify and apply leadership skills to diagnose problems, communicate clearly, make effective decisions, motivate and influence others, manage diversity, and drive organizational change.
  • Create a personal management development plan after self-analysis of values, perceptions, and behaviors, with respect to how individuals, groups, and organizations act.



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