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Books on Table. Link to Faculty Page.

William C. Bonaudi Library's Down the Research Rabbit Hole | President of Big Bend Community College Dr. Sara Thompson Tweedy: A Plan Called Yes | Issue 7 | 9 & 10/20



"In college, I was introduced to the advocacy and writings of incredible people like Audre Lorde and bell hooks, who shared a perspective and a vision that really pricked my conscience. I also was fascinated by Eleanore Roosevelt who used her position of privilege to advocate for equity. From then on, I read voraciously—books, magazines, journals—and listened carefully to others about their lived experiences. My go-to writings are the biographical stories of individuals who pursued a fairer, more equitable world enduring great risk, ridicule, and harm...."

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Book Talk

New Year's Resolution Solution: #BigBendCCBookChallenge  | Regretting You by Colleen Hoover | Sasha Haechler | 10/20

"Perhaps the most central theme, though, is the value of unexpected and unlikely friendships. Rostov's open and accepting nature is the greatest asset in his confinement, as it leads him to establish close relationships..."
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The William C. Bonaudi
Library provides 
study space,
a large and growing
collection of books 

multiple online resources,
and other library services. 

We are committed to meeting
the needs of
BBCC's students,
staff, faculty, and those 

living within the
Big Bend Community College
service district.





Toll Free: 877-745-1212 x2350


 1800/Library & GCATEC

Physical Address:
7611 Bolling St.

William C. 
Bonaudi Library, 
7662 Chanute St.
Moses Lake, WA 98837


Our Team

Library and eLearning Director:
Tim Fuhrman

Rhonda Kitchens

eLearning Coordinator, Librarian:

Program Assistant, and Purchasing:
Cassandra Torres
Library Systems Specialist
John Anderson
Cataloging, Interlibrary Loan
Teresa Sweeney